The 2009 Oscars: the Everyman’s Award Show

Posted: February 23, 2009 by Chad in Uncategorized


The 2009 Academy Awards sought to reinvent the years most anticipated Hollywood event. Ratings have declined in the past couple years due to the Academy honoring high art films that didn’t get a wide release (and in some cases hadn’t been released at all!). How do you overcome ivory tower syndrome? You celebrate the entire year, not just the nominees…and the result? It worked.

Hugh Jackman’s opening number was brilliant including homemade recreations of the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire set and Batpod. Watch the whole video.

Sean Penn’s acceptance speech noted the protesters outside the theatre because of the film. Who was it? It sounds like Westboro Baptist. If it is, no one takes them seriously anyway. Seriously, if you can identify the group, please let me know!

Back to the show, after Jackman’s opening, there followed a sort of reader’s theatre presentation of best supporting actress, the moment fell flat and the worry of a long night reared it’s head. Fortunately, it was the only dull moment. Well, maybe there was one more.

Heath Ledger’s family accepted his award for Best Supporting Actor on his behalf and it was an incredible moment. Maintaining composure, Heath’s father, mother and sister took turns giving quick reflection of their beloved’s achievement and life.

Just for argument’s sake…something we can all discuss: Slumdog Millionaire is Calvinist and the Wrestler is Arminian.


Here’s the breakdown.

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