Angels Adopting “Moneyball”?

Posted: March 5, 2009 by Rick Hogaboam in Sports

In a recent article in the LA Times, it is noted that the Angels have been emphasizing plate discipline and pitch recognition throughout the organization.The OC Register also ran a similar article noting this new emphasis in the Angels’ organization. 

I am very encouraged at this new-found emphasis. It seemed that their former philosophy was to swing at the first good pitch because you may not see another one. They are now emphasizing taking a strike in leadoff situations, lay off offspeed pitches when ahead in the count, etc.

If the Angels’ increase their On Base Percentage by even .10 points, it will translate into more runs and a slight increase in net win totals. Even more importantly, they will force the opposition to throw more pitches and work through the bullpen in a 3 game series. 

Anyhow, just my ramblings for baseball fans out there…a sport, whose outcome over a 162 game season is most determined on objective stats and measures for success. A 4 game win streak in the NFL can land you in the Superbowl, whereas such a winstreak would only reflect just over 2% of the baseball season. I do admit that the baseball playoff system does not allow for great margin of error, especially in a 5 game series when you can’t afford a single bad outing from one of your frontline starters. Just more rambling….but I believe in a 7 game playoff round and a reduction of the 162 game schedule to 156-160 games to account for the added playoff games.

Anyhow, Go HALOS!!! I can’t wait!!!

  1. Do you think they’ll try to emphasize this philosophy w/ Vlad??! Ha Ha Ha…
    Can’t wait for the season, either!


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