the conservative black vote

Posted: March 9, 2009 by mimi in Politics, Social Issues, Uncategorized

I know this a little late but I had it drafted during the elections but just forgot about it but still wanted to post anyway b/c this problem didn’t stop just b/c this election is over.

Why were black conservatives who voted for McCain being ostracized for their conservative beliefs?   People want to claim that only white people are racists or prejudice.   I’m not even white.  There are people among their own races are prejudice against another just because they believe or think differently.  There’s a difference between not liking a person’s idea or philosophy but to hate them or threat or accuse them of being traitors, isn’t that just the very thing black people are supposedly fighting against?  I’m not prejudice or anything but black people think they have the right to live by this double standard where they can call other people of any race, names or stereotypes and it be ok, but all hell breaks lose if it’s the other way around?!  Why can a black person joke about and say the “voodoo” words or labels and it be funny but if other races do it, the ACLU is quick on their tail. Here’s a guy expressing his conservative views and you can read some of the negative comments he received as a result.   Why isn’t he “black enough” just because he shares conservative views?  Ridiculous.

I watched a segment on DL Hugley’s show where he was interviewing Michael Steele and saying how the republican party is just a bunch of white old folk.  Hello?  Do you not see just as much white old folk in the democratic party?  At least Mr. Steele was quick to point that out leaving DL staring into space.

I looked on the blogosphere to check this kind of prejudice and saw the hate comments directed towards anyone black that was voting for McCain, especially that radio show host that stood up at one of McCain’s rallies.  It really angers me to see this stuff.  What a shame that he would have to endure that kind of treatment just because he’s black & he’s conservative.

What a shame indeed.


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