The Presidential pen collection

Posted: March 9, 2009 by mimi in Politics, Uncategorized

Ok, was it just me or did anyone else notice the plethora of pens that Obama used to sign the spending bill?? I mean really, how many pens does a guy need to sign those documents? Are there special powers to each pen? Are they all different colors? Did one not have enough ink? Were they like new cars, went out of style and dropped dramatically in value as soon as it left the lot, or in this instance, it’s place in the pen case?
They were likely overpriced pens, like $500-$1000 or something, like every other overpriced government buys. I wonder if the government buys anything “made in china” for it’s quality and top dollar pricing or maybe it’s all from China with a deal under the table in exchange for more power over America? Has our government been bought out?
I found it so hilarious that Obama signed that bill with all those pens. I searched the web a little about this and saw others say it was 10 pens. I didn’t count when I saw it nor do I want to see that sad day again either. But this was good for a laugh! hahahahahahahaha LOLOLOLOLOL

  1. Steve Cornell says:

    Unfortunately, he used one of those pens to overturn the previous administrations restrictions on the funding of embryonic stem cell research. Wow- this guy is really proving to be the nightmare that so many evangelicals feared. Unfortunately, there was a large group who also supported him. I wander if they are still sold on him?

  2. mimi says:

    How can someone (or some people) who claim himself/themselves to be “christian” be so forward in their agenda & support of abortions/killing unborn children? I can’t fathom their blindness by this dark and evil deed. It’s sickening.

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