My Elders Taught Me How to Shoot a Rifle!!!

Posted: March 14, 2009 by Rick Hogaboam in Uncategorized
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Just got back from our elder’s retreat and had a great time. One of my personal highlights was firing a rifle and shotgun for the first time. My elders were actually somewhat impressed at my skills, calling me a natural as I was consistently hitting the tiny targets.

I had to shoot the rifle as part of my assimilation into the Idaho way of life. I am now a baptized Idahoan.

As my fellow Idahoan, Napoleon Dynamite, would say, “Yesssssssssssss”

  1. As a lifetime Idahoan, I take offense to the portrayal of us and guns. Just kidding! Actually, having lived here my whole life, I had never shot anything other than a b.b. gun (as a kid) until this past fall when I got my first experience with real firearms! Must be those video games that helped you in your handling of the guns- you did look like a seasoned pro firing that video game gun @ Chuck E. Cheese (for those reading this, he wasn’t trying to shoot at Chuck E. Cheese- you know what I’m saying…).

    • You should have seen me and Cody in Reno playing the Jurassic Park game where we gunned down all of the raging Dinos. We beat the entire game with like $3 and I definitely got a cardio workout.

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