Family Trip Reno, NV

Posted: April 14, 2009 by mimi in Hogaboam family


Our recent family trip to Reno, NV to see Rick’s family. It was a looong drive. An hour into it, the infamous question already arises…” are we there yet?”  oh boy, chips ahoy! “no, honey, we’re not there yet.” another hour…”are we there yet?” “no honey, not yet.” after a few hours, they took a nap. when they woke up… “are we there yet?”  “no honey but we’re getting closer.” and one it went, just about every of the 6-7 hours it took to “get there”. the drive was a bit boring so I dreaded driving it back but it ended being a nice visit. We ate losts of good food. Of course, while we were there, we had to visit a couple of the casino buffets & sushi. yum! we had some fun @ Boomtown, one of the casinos that had a fun center for the kids.

reno-trip-boomtown-kids-play isn’t that a sweet pic?reno-trip-boomtown-kids-playmom had to get in on some of this action! it brings you way up, then bobs you up & down til you get back down. then repeat. we got to on multiple times on account that there were hardly anyone there and no lines!!  woo hoo!reno trip

now this was a ferris wheel, in the like of a old wagon carriage. so cool.reno trip on this ride, lexi didn’t know what was going to hit her. she raised her hands before the ride moved. she didn’t make it. i asked the guy to bring her down after the first couple bobbings considering she freaked out. poor baby.

reno-trip does it seem as if lexi’s hanging on for dear life? probably b/c she thought she was, even though mommy was holding on to her. see my arm there to the right?

reno-trip kira’s got monster muscles. she carried the ball all by herself.

reno-trip-cody bowling


daddy’s got skills. here’s the strike sign to prove it.


it was fun.

here’s gramma Burchett’s dog-max.  yea, max- the dog.reno-trip-max-the-dog-5

reno-trip-eating-at-inout-burger-joint-15he may not admit it, but i think this was rick’s favorite part of the whole trip. he even wanted a picture with the sign & here’s proof!

  1. Scott Kistler says:

    Great pictures! Thanks for posting these and giving me a chance to see everyone in action!

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