Quotables by Elizabeth Achtemeier

Posted: April 16, 2009 by Rick Hogaboam in Joel, Quotables

These are all taken from The New International Biblical Commentary: Minor Prophets I –

“…Joel shows us that the true God is a God of power, the ruler of all nature and history, who has the might to offer effective love. God can do away with rebellion and his enemies on earth, and he will establish his good kingdom. No human sin or opposition will stand in the way of God’s completion of his purposes” (p. 119).

“…many in our age do not believe in sin or in a God who judges anyone. God, for many modern Americans, is rather an aggreable deity largely devoted to helping us out of difficulties, easily assuaging any guilt we may have, and making us feel as comfortable and secure as possible. As for sin, we would rather attribute evil or ‘socially unacceptable’ actions to poor environment, to faulty parenting, to inadequate schooling, and to the common human propensity for occasionally making mistakes….But we hesitate to call anything sin, because sin involves a reciprocal relationship with God, and we blithely believe that God approves of us” (pp. 130-131).


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