New Keith Olbermann “Baseball Nerd” Widget

Posted: April 28, 2009 by Rick Hogaboam in Sports

I know that some of my readers may loathe Keith Olbermann and I have even been critical in the past of him, HOWEVER I must admit that I have appreciated Keith Olbermann since I was a little kid growing up in the Los Angeles media market and watching him on the nightly local Sportscast. His days with ESPN were also entertaining. 

For those of you who only know Olbermann as the guy on “Countdown” who continually bashes Bush, Bill O’Reilly, and ends his show by counting down the days from “Mission Accomplished”, his beginnings were really in sports. We share a common interest in baseball cards, the history of baseball, play fantasy baseball, like SABR, are both essentially “Baseball Nerds”. 

Here are some interesting items in Olbermann’s bio according to Wikipedia:


As a teenager, he often wrote about baseball card collecting, appearing in many sports card collecting periodicals of the mid-1970s. He is referenced in Sports Collectors Bible, a 1979 book by Bert Sugar, which is considered one of the important early books for trading card collectors.[22]

Olbermann is a dedicated baseball fan and historian of the sport, with membership in the Society for American Baseball Research.[39] He is also one of the most prominent baseball cardcollectors in the country, particularly of T-206 tobacco cards and other rare cards, such as the very rare 2006 Alex Gordon rookie card.[40] He argues that New York Giants baseball playerFred Merkle should not be denied inclusion into the Baseball Hall of Fame because of a baserunning mistake.[41] He contributed the foreword to More Than Merkle (ISBN 0-8032-1056-6), a book requesting amnesty for Merkle’s error, also known as the “Merkle Boner.” Olbermann was also one of the founders of the first experts’ fantasy baseball league. He was one of the founders of the USA Today Baseball Weekly LABR league, giving the league its nickname (LABR stands for League of Alternative Baseball Reality).[42] Because of his extensive baseball knowledge, Olbermann is a consultant to Topps, the baseball card manufacturer. Topps allowed him to open the first pack of 2007 baseball cards on Countdown the week before they hit stores. The first card of the pack was Johnny Damon of the New York Yankees. In high school, Olbermann compiled an extensive list of first and third base coaches. This documentation now sits in the Hall of Fame, and is considered the definitive compendium of first and third base coaches in baseball history. Olbermann wrote the foreword to the 2009 Baseball Prospectus Annual.[43]

In March of 2009, Olbermann began a baseball-related blog enitled Baseball Nerd.

I am adding his baseball blog as a widget on Endued and trust you will find his insights entertaining. Enjoy.

P.S. For those of you who would like to go to his blog and criticize his political views, he has issued this statement:

“Thanks to all for the comments and the welcomes and the flaming go-to-Hades. This blog is about baseball and not politics; I won’t touch the latter here unless it unavoidably pertains to something between the foul lines, so write all you want about left-versus-right – I hope you find it entertaining to yourself, I won’t be reading it. As elsewhere here, abuse won’t be tolerated and the fine folks at MLB.Com will ultimately decide if we have to start approving comments. Doesn’t matter to me; I come here under the banner of the greater good: Baseball.”

  1. This baseball nerd may not agree with Keith much when it comes to politics; however, I really do appreciate his wit and his honesty. So many people in his position will badmouth someone, and then kiss their butt during an interview (i.e. Jim Rome). I had not known about his baseball blog, so I’ll have to peruse it and bookmark it. I thought it was great when he joined Dan Patrick’s ESPN Radio show a few years ago 1x a week; I really missed those two together after Oberman left ESPN. Thanks for the link!

    • I miss the ol days of ESPN myself. Craig Kilburn, Olberman, Patrick, etc. They still have Chris Berman, who I wish did baseball once in awhile. Anyhow, interesting tidbit, I heard Dan Patrick once say on his radio show that he once DJ’s for a Christian radio show way back when he was younger…dunno if he is a believer or not, but I was floored to hear that.

      • Dan Patrick and the Christian radio thing, I haven’t heard that; but I listened to him for years on the radio, and heard him speak of being a “catholic”; sounded to me like the typical “catholic”.

  2. mimi says:

    i can’t believe you put a plug in for this guy on this blog! and a picture too! you could of left out the visual, at least!
    yeah, i especially love (NOT) the way he foams at the mouth when he rants about conservatives & republicans on his countdown. i mean, really. doesn’t his people tell him? does he have rabies or something?

    • yeah, sorry about the pic, just thought it connected him with baseball in a way most people don’t know about…he is actually a very witty and insightful commentator on the game. i find him an intriguing person and wouldn’t mind meeting him someday and having a civil conversation about baseball, politics, and theology. maybe we should invite him over for dinner…ha ha ha

      • mimi says:

        hahahahahaha…i’m laughing my butt off! not. how bout i just pray for him. you don’t feel ‘that’ bad or else you’d take his pic down.

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