Stretch Your Dollar!!!

Posted: April 28, 2009 by Rick Hogaboam in Uncategorized

I know people are going through tough times and I wanted to simply plug thrift stores as a great option for some of your shopping needs. One such store that we go to every Monday is the local SAVERS store. They happen to sell certain color tagged items at 50% off their already low prices starting Thursday and concluding on Sunday. Come Monday, whatever is left of that tagged color is reduced to $1. Yes, $1.

I have purchased clothes, toys, and tons of great books, movies, cd’s, etc. I even acquired a coffee table for $1. There are plenty of great thrift shops out there to check out.

Oh, I have purchased all of my suits and most of my ties from thrift stores as well. Oh, one more thing, I promise, I have found great deals on sporting goods….have acquired golf clubs at a buck a piece, baseball bats, baseball gloves, etc. I happen to collect baseball gloves and wood bats that have facsimile signatures of players on them.

  1. But what I want to know is….have you found an Honus Wagner card for $1 ?!?

    • I did find a Harmon Killebrew auto shirt that was tagged at $20, which I held off at, but that color went 50% off last Thursday-Sun, which I didn’t look for, but did go Monday to see if it was available for a buck but it was gone…almost.

      I have found some autographed books before at thrift shops, which are great finds. I have also found some great jerseys in the past.

  2. mimi says:

    now you’ve really done it! you’ve given away our secret. now we have competition!
    and oh, don’t you mean, your wife found that coffee table for a buck??

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