to sometimes think like a child, as we grow older

Posted: May 5, 2009 by mimi in Devotional, From the Heart, Hogaboam family

There is great innocence and wisdom that can be learned from the minds of children.  I was just thinking of the joys and freedoms of childhood, if you’ve been blessed with a good, normal one, that is. (Which can be relative, I know)

Tonight, I was reminded of treasuring the simple joys of life, you know, the little things that count more sometimes than some big, fancy something else.  (You can fill in the blank.)   Like my son, Cody, who is a handicap 15 year old (I can’t believe he’s 15!).  As I finished folding my like 5 loads of laundry (seriously) tonight and brought Cody’s pile of underwear to his room, my heart was humbled that my son gets excited when he has clean underwear.  I’d have to do laundry everyday if I were to keep up with the amounts we have, as I’m sure many can relate.  I don’t mind loading and drying but for some reason, folding & the putting away of becomes a begruding chore for me.  I know I need to work through that.  But as my son yearned for clean underwear, I had to wash the whites to fulfill his request, rightfully so.  But also realizing the gift of such conveniences as running water & being able to wash clothes whenever I want and in a half hour or so, bam, clean clothes.  wow.  Then throw them in a dryer.  giving thanks for that too.

cody & lexi at cody's baseball game

Then today, on a Monday, on which is my husband’s usual day off, we decided to go to Target to ‘treat’ our girls.  What is the treat you wonder?  A hot dog & Icee for $2.  Simple.  I kind of grudgingly agreed since my husband already told the girls we would, to their excitement of course.


I often echo (to my husband’s irritation, I’m sure) how these kinds of things aren’t really treats (fast food, candy) as they are actually bad for our bodies.  So, it’s ironic that we use this as an incentive sometimes and label them as “treats”.   The reason we eat these “treats” sparingly or in moderation is b/c they are not very good for us.  Maybe if we used veggies as incentive ‘treats’, our children will learn & grow to appreciate & look forward to them too.   “hey guys, if you listen really well today, you can have carrots w/ranch dip! how’s that sound? yeah!”  No?  Don’t think it’ll work?  Hm… You’re right.  I’ve already tried.  My kids just looked at me like I’m a fool.

Mark 10:15  “Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.”

There is value in the innocence of child-like mindedness.  I often meditate on emulating the way my children just enjoy being outside; the excitement in going for a walk around the neighborhood or to the park; being read to; being with friends… I’m sure the list can go on for miles.  I try to enjoy my children everyday.  I love to just sit and watch them.  I love to watch when my 2.5 yr old talks.  She’s so animated that I just gleam with joyful fun watching & listening to her & the things she says.  She can be so hilarious & I love to laugh.  She definitely keeps me laughing. And she’s quite a stinker.

lexi, the lil' stinker

I need to count my blessings more often.  May you know your blessings each day.  Just my thoughts for the day.  Thanks for reading.


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