tv infomercials, the products (oxyclean, hercules hooks, mighty putty) & the infamous big-bearded smiley guy- billy mays

Posted: May 5, 2009 by mimi in Uncategorized

Ok, so we all know the lameness of infomercials & their ability to sell products that may, well, be not all they claim to be.  But I must say, so far, oxyclean & hercules hooks have proven worthy so far.  I’m in  the process of testing out the ‘mighty putty’.

We enjoy watching the infomercials.  It’s funny how well they do their job b/c my 4 year old can always point out a product we may run across in the store from the infomercials & she’ll mimick the catch lines almost perfect.  It’s pretty funny.  She’s learning how to read but she’s not a pro yet but when she saw the mighty putty box on my desk in the office, she instantly regurgitated the product’s name & it’s purpose before I even realized she noticed  sitting there.  How funny is that.  My 4 year old is so amused by the infomercials.  It goes to show, if you show your product right, you will brand the minds of the people with the info that’ll make it hard for them to forget.  Even if you can’t remember the exact name of the product, you find a lot of people say things like, “you that thing that is supposed to bind & fix almost anything” or “that cloth that’s supposed to suck up all that liquid out from even under the carpet, the one with the crazy hair guy”.   Funny stuff.


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