Assemblies of God Growing…why???

Posted: May 6, 2009 by Rick Hogaboam in Uncategorized


A recnt survey conducted for the General Council of Assemblies of God shows 56% of AG churches have had a five-year average worship attendance growth of 10% or more, while 29% report a decline of at least 10%. Conducted by LifeWay Research, the survey finds less than 35% of AG pastors reported 60% or more of their congregation is involved in a small group or Sunday School. 35% reported six or more conversions among youths, and 47% reported at least six among adults in the past 12 months. 11% said none of the newly saved youths became active in church life; 47% said two to five of them became actively involved; and 24% said at least six did. 34% reported at least six of the newly committed adults became involved in church life, while 7% said none did.

Why is the AoG growing? In my humble opinion, it is because they are a zealous group who believe in a real heaven, a real hell, and a sense of urgency to bring people to Christ. Those are a few reasons….and yet I also think it’s because people are looking for a “real” God that is worshiped like He is “real”. Other studies have shown that younger adults are rejecting the “seeker” church and opting instead for Charismatic and Reformed churches. The resurgence of Reformed theology is due to the fact that younger adults are craving for transcendence and reject a trivialized God who is talked about as if He is Joe the plumber. The theology is a antidote to such trivializing. On the other hand, some younger adults are drawn to liturgical worship from the Reformed or Anglican tradition. They seem to be drawn to the majesty and reverence of God seen in the worship. Mock all you want the idea of smells and bells, but some find it a greater aid in worship than funny jokes, gratuitous stories, and dare I say…motorcycle shows. Charismatic worship, though differing from high liturgy, is characterized by an aweness of the Transcendent/Imminent God. It is often celebratory…tearful…silent…runs the full gambit of emotions. If God is real and big and really important, then it would seem natural that our emotions should be affected in the worship of Him.

  1. joelmartin says:

    I’ve heard that in inner cities, the churches which do best are either Pentecostal or liturgical (if not both). It seems to me that worship which appeals to the body as well as the mind is appealing, because we are made to be that way. Pentecostal worship involves the whole body, as does liturgical worship. It also makes you part of the action rather than a passive observer. I think many Protestant services are like college lectures, geared towards the brain at all times. Pentecostalism and liturgy attack this brain/body divide. My two cents.

    • Joel,
      I think you are right on. Recent studies also show that Churches which demand more of its congregants are growing. I think that the Church which views worship as something that passively involves the congregation is dying. As you point out, liturgical and Pentecostal worship involves the whole body.

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