Making Mother’s day last

Posted: May 12, 2009 by mimi in Devotional, From the Heart, Hogaboam family, Motherhood, Uncategorized

For those of you who take joy in celebrating mother’s day, may I encourage you to appreciate your mother/sister/gramma on an ongoing basis?  Should our appreciation for our moms shine one day a year?  We should intentionally acknowledge this day, this occasion more than once a year.  Let her know how much you love her.

Just some pointers for husbands, from a woman’s (me) point of view:

Tell her how beautiful she is.  Present her flowers at random moments, even if it’s one rose.  There doesn’t have to be a “special occasion” to give flowers.  You give them b/c you are thinking of her, you love her, you care for her.  Offer to do the laundry once in a while.  Offer to take the kids out and give her some ‘alone time’.  Play intently with the children, enjoying their youth while you can, since all parents know so well how fast children grow.  Make the bed without her asking.  Plan a special dinner or night out for just the 2 of you.  Remember how you used to glare or steal glimpses if her whenever you could?  Remember when you’d call just to say “i love you” or just to hear her voice?  Remember when you cared what you looked like to impress her?  Be spontaneous!  Lead the way in romance.  Sweep her off her feet, again, and again, and again.  Don’t let the fire die.  You will be rewarded in how you treat her.  Especially as a Christian, this analogy may work:  Just as you should pursue your relationship with Christ, enduring til the very end, with faith & JOY, so also would you pursue your wife who longs for you to cherish her as a treasure & handle her as gently as a rose?

It’s NOT so much the QUANTITY, IT’S THE QUALITY of time she receives or that’s given & cherished.  It’s the quality time spent with the children.  It’s the quality of time spent in remote places, family vacations.   Turn off your phone(s).  Turn off the computer, the tv.  Don’t think about work, or emails, or chores.  Look at her with sincere interest when you are sharing a conversation.  Take a walk.  Talk.  (*NOTE: this is not an exhaustive list.  BE CREATIVE!rolleyesREMEMBER- QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY.


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