Slumdog Millionaire, 4/5*

Posted: May 12, 2009 by mimi in Uncategorized

So we got our last free Monday rental from the Redbox, likely b/c they realized their lure wasn’t working and losing money in turn.  Oh well.  We’re thankful for all previous free movies.  Thanks Redbox!

Our (my husby and I) movie time is usually when kids go to bed & all our ends are tight and situated for the night; like having cleaned up things we meant to clean when kids were awake, getting that last drink for the night, snack, whatever…  So last night we rented Slumdog Millionaire.  Ok, when we watch movies, realize that since it’s usually so late (like after 11pm), kids are sleeping, we’ve grown acustomed to watching movies with subtitles b/c we like to keep the volume down so as to not wake up the kids and have our movie time in relative peace.  If there was ever any movie that needed subtitles, this was the one.  And with our dvd player, you need the remote to turn on the subtitles, which we didn’t know where it was b/c our darling 4 yr. old girl misplaced it somewhere earlier.  It had it’s own subtitles but was hard to see b/c the producers thought it’d be cool to put the subtitles imbedded in the movie randomly throughout, in white.  Great.  So, here we are watching a movie with one of the hardest to understand ethnic accents (no offense meant here) and we’re w/o a remote, to which we thought would assist us in understanding what was being said.  So said daughter wakes up in the middle of the movie, comes to our room & tells me I forgot to put a bandaid on her owee.  If you knew my daughter, this was hilarious.  The girl talks in her sleep & sometimes wakes up talking, in some cases continuing a conversation or thought she had before she went to sleep.  She’s got a great memory too.  She remembers some of the most random things at times.  And you know how you’re not fully “all there” when you first wake up, especially in the middle of the night, I wasn’t sure she would remember.  Hilarious.  Anyway, I take her to bed & put on a new bandaid on her finger.  Then I remembered about the mysterious vanishing remote.  I go back and ask her and sure enough, she was like, “oops, it’s on my dresser.”  It took her a second but I my husby and I had a good laugh about that.  So, relieved that we got the remote, only to be disappointed b/c the movie didn’t have subtitles for the rest.  I’m not sure why some parts of the movie had (hard to read) subtitles and the rest didn’t.

Having said all that, with my elaborate story w/daughter in all, what I could understand was worth the watch!!


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