ShamWow towels (& weird infomercial guy) disappoints

Posted: May 20, 2009 by mimi in Uncategorized

Some of you may know that the guy that does the commercial for those infamous orange towels that claim to pick up an ocean of liquid w/o any effort, y’know the one with the spikey hair, hyper, yeah, him.  So, I found out he was arrested and charged with battery a few months back.  Apparently, he & a prostitute got into a brawl…well, whatever.  You can look it up online & read the details.  Pathetic story.  Disappointing too.  We thought that guy was funny.  He’s not so funny anymore.

Anyway, the towels, which is the real reason I write tonight, is that it DOES NOT do all that it claims!  I’m glad I encountered such a great deal & having only paid less than $5 for the 8 pk. that I had comtemplated buying for a long time that originally sells for, at best, $20 at walmart.   I would of returned the whole package, used and all, if I had paid full price for those towels that don’t do even a “good” job at sucking up liquids.  I’m glad I didn’t do any trials on my carpet.  I would of had to throw down or something!  I’ll stick to my dependable, handy, conveniently-sized microfiber towels, thank you.  I love my microfiber towels and would HIGHLY recommend them to all!  The ones I’ve enjoyed I just got from the Dollartree store.  I bought some at Ross that, as pretty as they are, don’t work as well.

  1. anna says:

    You people digust me. i wanted a bible lesson about the shamwow and all i got was a lot of crap about whats his face and the hooker bust up.

    good day

  2. anna says:

    ummm i mean. sorry i didn’t mean to hit the submit button.. it was a joke. i’m a mormon

  3. anna says:

    i mean, a Christian.

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