Tedashii “Identity Crisis” Album Review

Posted: May 22, 2009 by Rick Hogaboam in Music Reviews

Tedashii - Identity Crisis

Tedashii’s Album “Identity Crisis” Review

Track 2, I Work

–          Good song about the life of a Christian in general and as a rapper in particular. “I sweat, I work, I grind” is the chorus…its all about laboring in vocation for God’s glory. Tedashii encourages the believer to press in against the world and Satan, and all voices that would distract us from our high calling in Christ.

Track 3, 26’s feat Lecrae

–          This songs disses all those who make their 26 inch chrome rims their life. Part of the chorus, “26 inches is a pretty low throne”, is confronting how vain it is to pursue material goods for joy. This idolatry is predominant among younger folks who make their cars their god. What are you going to do if your car is jacked? Find your joy elsewhere.

Track 5, Hollywood ft Rozie Turner

–          Tedashii reminisces about his youth filled with: house parties, DJ Quick, Ice Cube, Ghetto Boyz, and Hollywood movies. Boyz in the Da Hood, Poetic Justice, etc. Anyhow, Tedashii talks about how dangerous it was to fill his mind and heart with these “Hollywood” things and warns fellow believers to be careful with what they fill their minds with.

Track 6, Identity 1: We Fell

–          This song recalls the fall of Adam and thus the fall of us all. It clearly articulates a view of original sin and the federal headship of Adam over us all. We all fell in Adam. We are full of shame, running from God, hate him, seeking to do our own thing. Everything is cursed.  This is the first song dealing with “identity” as Tedashii will seek to unfold out identity as it plays out in redemptive history.

Track 7, Make War feat. Flame and Cameo from John Piper

–          This track starts with a sermon clip from John Piper where he chastises Christians for their murmuring about trivialities, rather than making war against their flesh, the world, and the evil one. The song proceeds to deal with the need to make war. The lyrics are reminiscent of John Owen’s, “The Mortification of the Flesh”.

Track 8, Gotta Believe ft Diamone

–          Simple song about believing in Christ in the midst of life’s trials, temptations, etc

Track 9, Identity 2: Adoption ft Rick Trotter

–          Tedashii discusses how his father left him and his fatherlessness was filled by the loving God who adopted Him and will never leave him. This song will hit a lot of youth today who grow up fatherless. Anyhow, the song exalts in all of the benefits that are afforded us in our adoption.

Track 10, I’m a Believer ft Trip Lee, Soye’

–          This song has one of the tightest beats on the album, featuring the smooth lyrical presentation of Trip Lee and R&B hooks by Soye. Oh yeah, the song is about being unashamed as a believer. This is our identity, we are believers. Christ is our boast.

Track 11, Fresh

–          Another song with some crunk beats that compliment lyrics that exalt in Regeneration. Tedashi talks about Regeneration actually changes us, makes us new, makes our lifestyle different. As a side note, this doctrine of Regeneration is being undermined in some circles and it is refreshing to hear a song that lays out the benefits of New Birth.

Track 12, Thank You

–          This song dubs an old school song, whose title escapes me right now, but it is the same song that Jay-Z once dubbed on his track “Hard Knock Life”. Anyhow, Jay-Z  boasts in himself in his version, whereas this song is a “Thank You” to Christ for what HE has done in us. It is a feel good song that you want to sing along with, at least the chorus.

Track 13, All I Need ft Chris Davis

–          This song is about finding our contentment in Christ and being reminded of our eternal riches in Him when tempted to covet other things, etc.

Track 14, Identity 3: Church ft Rick Trotter

–          Old School R&B beats and hooks. This song laments the coldness of many who attend church, looking at their watches, etc. Tedashii exalts in the eternal purposes of the Church as God’s elect community, drawn together in Christ for His praise, the hearing of the Word, and the celebration of the Sacraments. I wish the song was a bit longer and exhorted believers to prize the church.

Track 15, Community ft Stephen the Levite, Sho Baraka

–          This is the one true “hip hop” song on the track featuring hip hop beats and lyrical delivery. The track features 3 artists and they bring high energy to their raps. This song discusses the need for community and the importance of Church for our sanctification.

I like how this album starts with the fall of Adam and our fall in him as sinners, the adoption of sinners, the doctrine of regeneration, the need for gratitude and contentment in sanctification, a warning against sinful influences, the role of the Church, and ultimately how we are not just individually saved believers, but called to live in Christ-centered community.

I am once again pleased by the doctrinal content of Reach Records’ artists and am thankful that these tracks are filling hearts and minds that may have never truly heard the Gospel preached. I give this Calvinistic, John Piper quoting, crunk beats, r&b hooks, old school dubs, hip hop album a 7/10.

  1. theoraclemag says:

    Thank you for the review. I been waiting on this album for a while. I look forward to getting my copy.

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  2. wishnight says:

    He sounds very similar to Lecrae…thanks for the review I might pick it up…!

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