Obama, Sotomayor, & the liberal double standard

Posted: May 28, 2009 by mimi in Politics

The unfortunate double standard used by democrats is shameful.  They will constantly use this against the conservatives.  I will admit there are probably some in the conservative group who are prejudice but doesn’t mean ALL are.  That is just a lie they want you to believe.

Now that the republicans face a nomination, in which they may largely disagree on, they are in no win situations.  If they speak out against her, of course they will unfortunately be branded racist or prejudice in some form or fashion.  If they let this fight go, they will in some ways be compromising their core values and consciences.  I say let the fight be fair & balance.  Let the process go on & Sotomayor be scrutinized & grilled like Pres. Bush’s nominees were.  Why should she be spared the ridiculous “test” that the others have endured?  I don’t think she’s necessarily racist by her controversial comment about a latina making better judgements than a white man but it definitely represents some already preconceived dispositions she has on her leanings & how she will judge.  Judges are supposed to be objective & nonpartisan.  Is this the “bridging the divide” Obama was touting?

  1. Beau Winiger says:

    Sotomayor has sided with conservatives more than liberals in her rulings, has no history of making rulings that are activist or bend the law, and was confirmed twice by a Republican congress. How is she all of a sudden a problem?

    • mimi says:

      I don’t doubt or deny that she made some “just” judicial rulings in her career but I it does not remove the suspicions rightly so felt by many about her pretty apparent biases. I’m a minority and I agree that, NO other race, especially white/caucasian, whichever term you want to use, could have said what she said about making better decisions than another race and get away with it so easily by the leftist media & democrats. Why is it that that the left-leaning public will turn a blind eye to crookedness in democrats but demonize the right on same issues, like Obama’s tax cheat Tim Geithner, (he reminds me of Tony Goldwyn who played the twisted, murderous, jealous, traitor friend of Patrick Swayze in the old movie Ghost, not that Mr. Geithner is all of that) who ironically is in charge of our national taxes. Does that make any sense?? hence, ‘double-standard’.

      • Randy says:

        Mimi is right on this one, but the sad truth is that corruption exists in all organizations, it is YOUR (the public)’s responsibility to sift through the double-talk and assure that what you are supporting is truly just. All the best to all of you.

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