Congrats Dr. Ben Fischer

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ben fischerDr. Ben Fischer was awarded the 2009 Professor of the Year award at Northwest Nazarene University, where he serves on faculty. This was his first year at NNU and it is great to see that he made am immediate impact on the student body. He, his lovely wife Brooke, and daughter Ruth Anne also attend Sovereign Grace Fellowship and he also taught Church History I at The Sovereign Grace Institute. I am also humbled to have breakfast with him regularly and talk about all things ‘ecclesia’. His love for the Church and the people of God are clearly evident once you get to know him a bit.

The following was from the NNU website:

Dr. Benjamin Fischer was voted by Northwest Nazarene University’s student body as the 2009 Professor of the Year. After teaching only one year at NNU, Dr. Fischer has established great relationships with both students and faculty. 

Raised in the hills of east Tennessee Dr. Fischer studied for his undergraduate degree at Emory University and the University of Oxford. He later earned his master’s degree in history and English and a Ph.D. in language and literature from the University of Notre Dame. Prior to coming to NNU, he and his wife were resident directors at Bethel College, Mishawaka, Ind., while he taught at Notre Dame. 

When looking to relocate Dr. Fischer searched for a small Christian liberal arts college in the West where there is a focus on teaching along with attention to discipleship. Dr. Fischer said, “As a Wesleyan institution, NNU comes from a church tradition that has embraced these values from its inception. Perhaps more personally specific, the job description for the particular post in English seemed to be written just for me. The description requested someone who can specialize in Early British Literature, but they were also interested in someone to teach Postcolonial Studies—the two areas that I’ve concentrated on for most of my academic career and I never thought I would get to teach them. When it came down to deciding between various alternatives, my wife and I agreed that God was drawing our attention to NNU. In coming here we sincerely believe we have followed the Lord’s directing.”

“At first blush Ben’s a little shy and bookish—well, he is an English professor—but when he starts to discuss literature and grand ideas, he gets caffeinated,” said Lucas Roebuck assistant professor of journalism. “He is a great addition to our department and to our university. He astounds me with his humility and his remarkable mind. In addition to that he is a great friend, a helpful colleague and a fun guy to talk to. Most of all he is so deeply in love with his family and his Lord that I feel fortunate to share the NNU experience with him,” stated Ralph Speer of the English department.

When asking Dr. Fischer about his experience thus far with NNU students and faculty he replied, “I have been blessed with several classes of strong and engaged students. Compared with students I’ve taught at Notre Dame and Bethel College, my NNU students have shown a remarkable willingness to speak in class and to wrestle with the authors we study. Regarding the faculty, I’ve felt extremely welcomed and have been blessed to find many valuable friends here. The School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (AHSS) is an eclectic group and I’ve been amazed how well they work together with mutual love and respect. From my one year of experience here, AHSS seems a model of Christian collegiality and represents a beautiful fusion of the four University outcomes.”

Amber Ford, Student Government Association (SGA) Secretary and a student of Dr. Fischer said, “Dr. Fischer’s enthusiasm for his subject is contagious—he makes you want to learn what he has to share. I truly appreciated his kind heart and passion for his students. It is evident in everything he does.” On behalf of the student body Amber and SGA President Lacey Smith presented Dr. Fischer with an engraved pen and a gift certificate in honor of this recognition.

Northwest Nazarene University, a Christian comprehensive university, offers over 60 areas of study, master’s degree programs in eleven disciplines, accelerated degree programs, concurrent credit for high school students, and a variety of continuing education credits. In addition to its 85-acre campus located in Nampa, Idaho, the University also offers programs online as well as in Boise, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, and in cooperation with programs in 10 countries. Founded in 1913, the university now serves over 1,900 undergraduate and graduate students, more than 10,000 continuing education students, and 1,900 high school students through the concurrent credit program.

Photo Caption: SGA Secretary Amber Ford presents Dr. Benjamin Fischer with the Professor of the Year Award.

  1. Congratulations to Dr. Fischer on the great accomplishment in his first year at NNU! Way to go Ben- now how do you top that?!

  2. mimi says:

    pretty impressive in the first year. an unknown from out of state even! so cool ben!

    • Randy says:

      Congrats Dr. Fischer, even as a non-Christian I can totally respect that someone has followed their beliefs so successfully. May you have even greater success in your future.

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