New Exodus, New Gift, New Restoration, New Zion

Posted: June 16, 2009 by Rick Hogaboam in Uncategorized

Just a few brief thoughts as I continue to engage my studies for Seminary.

  • – Luke 4 portrays Jesus as the Messiah, leading His people in a ‘new’ Exodus, delivering them from bondage, etc.
  • – The Gospel of Luke shows how Jesus leads His people to salvation.
  • – Acts 2 portrays Jesus as the Davidic king and a greater-than-Moses prophet who pours down the greatest gift (Holy Spirit)
  • – The book of Acts then proceeds to show how the Kingdom of God is present…restoring, refreshing, expanding.

I see in Luke’s paradigm a program much like that of Israel, but in newness:

  • – The old Exodus is fulfilled in the ‘new’ Exodus that Jesus leads
  • – The passover is fulfilled in Jesus’ who secures our safe passage from our bondage
  • – Jesus undergoes a ‘wilderness’ journey in his 40 day fast and He triumphs, incurring God’s blessing
  • – The already delivered people of God enter the promised land and are given the ‘law’ as a gift to guide the nation of Israel…whereas the already ‘saved’ followers of Jesus receive on Pentecost a new gift from on high, the Holy Spirit, which is intended to empower and guide this ‘new Israel’
  • – This ‘new Israel’ experiences God’s promised times of refreshing and restoration…and global expansion, thus fulfilling what the former ‘Israel’ was to be to the surrounding nations

These thoughts aren’t new or novel, but it is quite remarkable how the ‘historian’ Luke develops a finely nuanced Christology and arranges his material in such a way so as to parallel the former Israel’s history.


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