Psalm 136, “His Love Endures Forever”

Posted: June 17, 2009 by Rick Hogaboam in Devotional, Prayers, Psalms

My afternoon reading today was from Psalm 136. The refrain, “His love endures forever”, occurs in all 26 verses of this Psalm and was recited in responsive fashion before the congregation.

I know that some folks don’t like ‘7-11’ choruses in Church (7 words sung 11 times), and I would be the first to say that there can be too much redundancy in our liturgy at times, however this Psalm is an apologetic for reiterating one magnificent truth over and over again. The redundancy ought never to invoke boredom, but rather an ever increasing joy in the truth proclaimed that is ever more true each time we declare it. We can declare forever that, “His love endures forever”, and would be inspired to eternally increasing adoration and appreciation for His love.

If God says something 26x in 26 verses, me thinks He is trying to get something in our hearts…do we get it?


Lord, I thank you for your covenant-keeping love towards me in spite of my sin and ingratitude. Thank you for loving me with a love that neither death, famine, or foe can quench. Thank you for your promise to love me for all of eternity and your promise to work all things out for my good. Your love brings me to my knees with ‘woe’ from my lips…Your love lifts my head and beckons me to go and do your will…your love abounds much more than my every sin…it is your love in Christ Jesus that has adopted me and saved me…it is your eternal love that will forever bind all your children in perfect fellowship now and in the age to come. Help me to declare of your love and to love with your love…all for your eternal glory. Amen


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