Basketball Star Vying for Sole Custody of Pre-Born Baby….but what does it matter if mom can unilaterally murder the baby?

Posted: June 19, 2009 by Rick Hogaboam in Abortion

Story is here. Dirk Nowitzki’s girlfriend has some issues…you can read about it. As such, if she is carrying Dirk’s baby, He wants sole custody. While I disagree with lifestyle choices that brought them to this point, I give him props for wanting to raise the child.

I post this because the irony in our law system is that he can want the child, long for the child, is responsible for the child once born, but really has no say in the matter until that point as the mom is entirely free to kill the baby and move on. Those who know me know that I believe the baby deserves the right to life regardless, however I would support laws that make abortion permissible only if it is consented by both parents. Again, I am NOT for abortion. I am just saying that this would be a reasonable revision to our existing abortion laws.

I realze that fatherhood may be impossible to establish while the child is in embryo so that this stipulation could be bypassed, but I just do find it ironic that a father can want a child, but has no say. It is up to mom. At the same time, a father can not want the child because of not wanting to support the child, etc. and a mom could have the baby with the sole intent of binding the father to child support, etc.

Argggggggh. God’s way is the best way. One man marrying one woman and happily raising their children in a loving and nurturing home. Call it archaic, but it works. So many people use children in a manipulative fashion these days, either for child support, or for state support, etc. or they are murdered, or whatever. God’s heart grieves over the many children who are not born into stable homes. Anyhow, just some thoughts on a tense societal issue…and a vindication of God, who knows best and actually wants our joy. His way is full of joy.


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