Psalm 137 “When Worship Music Becomes Entertainment”

Posted: June 19, 2009 by Rick Hogaboam in Devotional, Prayers, Psalms

No, I am not mocking contemporary worship or dealing with the regulative principle or any of that. Instead, I am responding to what Israel’s captors asked of them in Psalm 137:

3 For there our captors required of us songs, and our tormentors, mirth, saying, “Sing us one of the songs of Zion!”

Babylon is making a mockery of Israel’s worship be requesting it be played for their mockery or entertainment. Well, how did Israel respond?

8 O daughter of Babylon, doomed to be destroyed, blessed shall he be who repays you with what you have done to us!
9 Blessed shall he be who takes your little ones and dashes them against the rock!

I know that this beatitude pronounced upon Babylon’s avenger and the Psalmist’s desire that the Babylonians be destroyed may seem harsh…well, because…it is harsh. As harsh as it is, the point to be taken is that it is the proper restitution for belittling the worship of God. He won’t stand for it and will crush all who despise the worship of God.


Lord, may I never cease to worship You. May I be zealous for your glory and the hallowing of Your name. May Your name be worshipped forever and ever. Though captors seek to mock and belittle the song on our lips, may we worship you nonetheless and may sinners be converted. Amen.


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