30 days, pro-choice in a pro-life world

Posted: July 6, 2009 by mimi in Abortion, Social Issues

I happen to catch a show of “30 days” late last night (when I should of been sleeping), a reality show by Morgan Spurlock, about a pro-choice woman to took on the challenge of living 30 days at “His Nesting Place“, a faith-based pro-life organization (a great opportunity for ministry or help).   Watching the show was interesting, sad, joyous for the life-services provided & frustrating.

There was one part where Mr. Spurlock interviews a couple about the death of their daughter who died from a botched abortion obtained illegally somewhere b/c she was under age.  I feel for the grief the parents feel over the loss of their teenage daughter.  I really do.  I have children and I would be stricken with much grief if they had died while I live.  I don’t remember when it was that the daughter died or even when this particular show was recorded. I’m sure if I wanted to search the internet for those details that I’d find it but it’s irrelevant at this point.   But the parents were angry that in Indiana, where they lived, had passed a “parental consent law for minors” which states that a minor under 18 needs written permission from at least 1 parent and accompanied to a pre-abortion visit.  So these parents were mad at the law and law-makers!  Is it really the fault of the government?  They admitted to not knowing that their daughter was pregnant.  The daughter apparently took matters into her own hands, sought an abortion by someone who was apparently unqualified & she paid the ultimate price.  Spurlock just shook his head as in disbelief.  I can see & understand the tragedy of this circumstance as it is a sad one.  But is there no fault with the teenage girl & the guy that contributed to her pregnancy?  Did she do absolutely no wrong?  Is it really “ok” that minors should be absolutely free & able to go and have an abortion all by herself without any knowledge or consent by her parents or guardian?   How is this even fathomable by any parent or mature adult?  My 7th grade son was not allowed to suck on a cough drop at school last year, not even with my consent!  Why is it that our kids in schools can’t have an aspirin or tylenol or any kind of medication w/o either a parent’s or physician’s consent?  Why do I have to sign a medical release for my child at school if he/she were to have an emergency and needed to go to the hospital? Isn’t it b/c those are important decisions that parents should know and be aware of and contribute their voice to these concerns b/c their children are their responsibility?  Are they not?   Why is an abortion any different?  Why are pro-abortionists trying to hard to make this a “right”?  Is it really??  It’s surgery!   Is it b/c the girl or boy will be embarrassed or ashamed or scared or guilty that they did something they shouldn’t have?  In which they now encounter the resulting risks of their behaviors?  It’s like, if you play with fire, you risk getting burned.  Like, if you drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you risk a crash, injury to yourself, whoever is in the vehicle with you and anyone else that may be on the road.  Or, like, if you do drugs, you risk damage to body/organs/disease.  Like, if you decide to steal from a drug dealer, you risk getting killed.  Like, if you draw on a cop, you risk getting shot at.  and on and on…

And then there was this other part where the pro-choice girl, who works in a “women’s clinic” in which she proudly advertised “offers choices”, who also herself had an abortion b/c she simply wasn’t ready, was asked if she came to the realization that the fetus is really a baby and that people are choosing to abortion the baby, hence therefore killing them, then surely she would change her mind about the validity of “choice”.   I was so sad to hear her say that even if she for some reason should change her thinking that a fetus was a living baby being aborted that she wouldn’t think or believe or feel any different than she has been, which is it is still ok to abort a baby if a woman should so choose.   how awful.   It was awful for me to watch her act excited as she greeted & held some of the babies at the ” His Nesting Place”.   I wanted to say to her, “those are the very babies that you say is ‘ok’ to abort!”

Part of the challenge was that she had also experience the ways in which pro-lifers approach or minister to their cause.  Mind you not all pro-life organizations function the same.  One cause of which was outside the famous chinese theater in L.A., where demonstraters were displaying pictures of aborted babies.   She was offended and didn’t like what the protesters were doing, calling them provacative & the beloved liberal title of “fear-mongering”.    I know those images are disturbing and grotesque & confrontational, but why?  Why is it that pro-choicers don’t like people to see them?  She said it was inaccurate.  So you’re telling me all the physicians that declare that it a fetus is in essence a baby, and when it’s aborted, that abortion is killing a life and the descriptions of the way the baby, ‘er I mean “fetus” is sliced and diced and sucked out is all a hoax?  A lie?  A conspiracy to scare people?   And none of the pictures available that show tiny limbs and heads in pieces from an unborn baby being aborted is all made up?   What exactly is inaccurate about the pictures?  Babies are aborted anywhere from the first to 2nd trimesters and even 3rd in some states.  or is it you just want to deny that it’s real for the sake of your own pride and selfishness?

Forgive me for not feeling sorry for someone who chooses a selfish way out to avoid either shame or responsibility.  But I still need to pray for them. Some may think I’m being disrespectful & callous here by talking about a dead girl and her grieving family.   there’s bigger issues here.  Bigger than the girl and bigger than her death and her family’s grief.  LIFE.  Responsibility.  Intergrity.  GOOD “CHOICES”.  RIGHT “CHOICES”.

I”m pro-choice living in a pro-life world too.  I’m just pro-choice for the baby first.  take responsibility.  Give birth.  The other choices doesn’t “usually” involve killing anyone.  The choice for abortion always does.

  1. saynsumthn says:

    Watch this film: Maafa21 and see the truth about abortion in the Black Community – SHOCKING!

  2. R4NDY says:

    Hey Mimi, not sure if you remember me or not but I had a few email exchanges with you about a month or two ago. Anyways just wanted to say thanks a lot because you helped me reconsider a lot of issues in life. Sorry to go off-topic on your post, but just wanted to wish you all the best and say hello again.

    “Peace!” – Randy

    • mimi says:

      yes, i remember you. i hope you are doing well & pray you continue to search for God in all things. i’m overjoyed if our exchanges has led you to a pursuit of the One All Mighty God! praise be to HIM!

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