our mad world

Posted: July 18, 2009 by joelmartin in Children, Social Issues
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Since we are encased within our society we can sometimes forget how insane it really is. A conversation I had yesterday reminded me of the deep weird that we live in. Our women fill their bodies with chemicals to prevent them from fertility for years and years. Later, when they are older and may decide to have kids they then take fertility drugs which sometimes cause them to conceive five or more kids at a time, several of which may be selectively killed prior to birth.
If children do arrive in our modern childless families, they alternate between being treated as possessions to be controlled and burdens which must be sloughed off to the State. Most kids enter daycare at the earliest possible age so that the mother can be used by our capitalist system to increase our standard of living (plasma TVs, mobile devices, huge cars, and so forth). Daycare costs a lot though, so it is with relief that when the child is older, the free (tax-supported) system kicks in and the kids can go into 13 or so years of state-indoctrination, aimed at making docile citizens who can in turn repeat this cycle.
Young men and women know that what the are supposed to do is go to college, learning from materialist professors how to hate the values of the society (Christendom) that gave birth to our modern enlightened society. This is where people learn the really tremendous value of binge drinking, drug use and casual sex with as may partners as possible for four years or so. They also learn the exalted status of sodomy and the way in which oppressive patriarchalism held women down for millenia until they woke up in the 1960’s.
After getting a BA or perhaps a Master’s Degree, the men and women are now around 22-25, a time at which in the primitive days people had already married and started having kids. We know better than that, and so marriage is still perhaps a decade off for our average Jane. She’s got to see the world, travel, experience different cultures and figure out what to do for work. Besides, how can you start a family when you have 40K in student loans to pay off first? And who really wants to marry a Peter Pan like male who thinks life consists of playing video games, watching ESPN, getting drunk and hooking up as much as possible?
So life goes on until finding the right person in the early to mid 30’s and getting married. You still have to wait to have kids until you get the right house, travel some, and get a promotion. You get the picture, wash, rinse, repeat….The goal is to get rich via real estate or the lotto so you can stop working at that job where they don’t appreciate your efforts. Then you can just fish all day, or shop, or eat, or whatever.
To defeat depression you get hooked on TV shows or watch an endless succession of movies or Twitter or get medicated. This doesn’t even throw in the cheating, “open marriages”, abortions, child support, or simple boredom that are the other norms of our day.
This is what our world has to offer. In the end it is meaningless and futile. It is not the good life and has nothing of ultimate worth to offer us. It is merely marking the time until you die and your existence ceases, in contrast to what religious fanatics think. Welcome to 2009 proles.


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