ACORN, Obama, unlawful acts- should be under strict investigations

Posted: September 13, 2009 by mimi in Ethics, Politics, Social Issues, Uncategorized

Kudos to James O’ Keefe and Hannah Giles for exposing what lies, unlawful, and treachery lies beneath the covers of ACORN.   BUT, will the left media pay much attention to this?  Will Obama speak out against this?  Apparently, this is “just some smear campaign”.  Wow, denial (or secrecy of corruption) is the quite the virtue to many.   Does one think  that out of this large organization, only these two women were corrupt?  Oh please.  Take off the blinders.  I’m sure not everyone in ACORN is corrupt, but one is too many and I’m pretty sure it didn’t start, stop or will end with these two women.  Another say story.  Another example of human nature’s fallen nature.  All the more reason to cling to the truth of the gospel, lest you fall into the trap.

Tragic proof yet I read an article where they said “alleged sex trafficking” and alleged this and that or “supposedly”.   The video speaks for itself.

Except for Glenn Beck, Where’s the news media coverage?   Where’s the community outrage?  Where’s the accountability?  No where.  Go figure.


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