Hugh Hewitt: A Simply Christian, Evangelical, Catholic, Presbyterian (say that 5 times fast)

Posted: October 5, 2009 by Rick Hogaboam in Biography, Politics

I finished my Sunday evening by watching C-Spans special on the Supreme Court and then flipped over to C-Span 2 to watch their feature of all-everything Hugh Hewitt (link). I used to listen to him while driving through southern California rush hour and was somewhat fond of him. After hearing him take questions for close to 2 hours, my esteem for him has grown.

He describes himself as simply Christian in the tradition of C.S. Lewis, whom he also lists as his favorite non-fiction author, as an Evangelical Roman Catholic, who is also Presbyterian. He said all with a smile and chuckle and didn’t elaborate on how all that fits together. Anyhow, I just wanted to give some props to him. He also demonstrated a charity towards our president that evidences Christian maturity, but also boldly criticized him on a handful of issues. He also cited with conviction that it seems inconceivable to him how one can be a “Christian” and support abortion. I was surprised a bit by how bold he was in his assertion.

He also pointed out the inconsistency of liberals who care more about fish than humans in the much publicized issue of the Californian farmers whose water has been shut off. He also levied some attacks at liberal policies that prohibited California firefighters from using certain techniques to prevent the spread of the recent wildfires because they had to respect the property of some endangered rat. Lastly, I found rather insightful his comment that the National Parks were Republican ideas which sought the preservation of land for “human” public enjoyment. Teddy Roosevelt promoted “conservationist” policies that have an enduring legacy and Hewitt encourages Republicans wear the “conservationist” banner proudly and revive the issue in matters of what’s best for the public.


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