My Girls Are Hillarious

Posted: October 9, 2009 by Rick Hogaboam in From the Heart

Brief post here, but wanted to share a couple funny things that happened with my girls today.

  • This morning as I was packing up my book back, Kira (5 year old who is learning to read) saw my commentary on Romans and was asked by mom to read the title. She struggled through the word “epistle”, but continued quite well on the proceeding words “to the”. She paused at the word “Romans” and proceeded to say quite boldly…”Mormons”.  “The Epistle to the Mormons” she says…maybe she is on to something. She knows more of what she knows not what she speaks.
  • Later in the afternoon, while watching the news, Lexi perks up at the appearance of President Obama and exclaims “Dada”. She doesn’t talk like a baby but pretends once in awhile. Surprised, we asked here if Obama was her daddy and she nodded yes.
  • The girls provide laughter on a daily basis…what a blessing they are!!!

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