United Methodists Trying to Reach Younger Folks, Lower Average Age

Posted: November 18, 2009 by Rick Hogaboam in Children, Christ & Culture, The Mysterious World of American Evangelicalism

The United Methodist Church, having already lost a couple million members over the years and continuing along that trend, have decided that they will make a proactive attempt to lower their average member age from its current median of 57 (link).

They have unleashed several PR initiatives, including their “Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Doors” campaign and are now also carrying out a “Rethink Church” campaign.

My advice would be not to “rethink” Church, but rather return to the Catholic-Protestant-Anglican-Wesleyan heritage that got them going in the first place. A median age of 57 evidences a lack of families and a lack of children remaining in the Church. Dare I suggest that they actually catechize their kids in the Apostolic faith? They need to stand firm in the once for all faith delivered to the saints. The UM has too long compromised their theology for the sake of relevance and if they continue along that path they will no longer have any substance to offer the world. My two cents.

  1. joelmartin says:

    In Virginia there are UM churches everywhere and they rival the old Episcopal churches for having the most gorgeous old buildings. They are also amongst the most liberal, women-ordaining, Scripture denying folks out there. I wish I could attend one, but there is no way I could. Another denomination where black is white and up is down.

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