My critique of the Hunt vs Pipa debate on the Atonement

Posted: December 4, 2009 by Matthew Masiewicz in Calvinism, Debates
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Well, today I listened to the Hunt vs Pipa debate on the atonement. Let me say that I grew up in Calvary Chapel circles, so Dave Hunt is very familiar to me obviously. I have great respect toword him for exposing many dangers facing the Church. Unfortnately he lables Calvinism as a dangerous doctrine and is actively attacking it through radio, print and lectures. His opponent for this debate is Dr. Joseph Pipa. This was my first time listening to Dr Pipa and I was very impressed with the clarity which  he presented Particular Redemption. He presented a strong positive position from scripture and defanged common objections with a spirit of charity. Dave Hunt seemed more interested is attacking the whole system of Calvinism rather than sticking to the topic. He did not present a positive case for Unlimited Atonement other than quoting a few verses such as John 3:16 without any exegesis. He constantly confused definitions such as “Salvation” and “Regeneration” making them completely synonymous. I was left wondering if it was a willing bait and switch or if he really doesn’t know that regeneration is a  part of salvation, but not the sum total of it. He did not interact with Dr Pipa’s arguments at all other than to dismiss them. Over all I thought that Mr. Hunt lost that debate badly. Now, I know you may be thinking that I am only saying that because I agree theologically with Dr. Pipa. Well, I am Calvinist to be sure and I was rooting for my team without doubt. But I do have a history of honestly critiquing debates even if my guy doesn’t do well. For example, I thought that the Jehovah’s Witness apologist Greg Stafford soundly handled himself against an unprepared Robert Bowman, and I took heat for publicly saying so. But Judge the Hunt vs Pipa debate for yourself. Here are the links, part 1&2. Highlight and drag links to you address bar.

  1. Dick Jones says:

    I suggest you get a copy of Dave Hunt’s book. What Love is This.Calvinism’s MISrepresentation of God. It has 573 pages. A.H. Ironside said only an Liberal thealogen with an Ax to Grind would believe calvinism.

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