Remembering Billy Joe Daugherty

Posted: December 29, 2009 by Rick Hogaboam in Uncategorized

Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty passed away last month on Nov. 22, 2009.

I am compelled to share a little something since I had the privilege of meeting Pastor Daugherty during my Bible College days when he came in for a conference. I am not wishing to point out my disagreements and reservations with Pastor Daugherty’s doctrinal distinctions and emphases, so don’t please receive this praise I have to offer as wholesale endorsement of everything he has taught, etc.

Daugherty shared on the compassion of Jesus and healing. I still remember the message to this day as it left a stinging rebuke in my own heart for lack of compassion and an expectant desire to see people healed. Jesus once asked the lame man if he wanted to be healed…an interesting inquiry considering that it would be obvious by the fact that this lame man was at the pool of Bethesda, but sometimes what is seen on the outside doesn’t rightly convey deficiencies on the inward and this was the case with me. I teach that Jesus is compassionate, teach that we should pray for healing in an expectant fashion, yet tempered by the reality that God’s ultimate healing is guaranteed to all in the Resurrection, and yet lacked the same compassion and expectant faith of which I spoke. Interestingly I am preaching on healing from James 5 this coming Lord’s Day and I was reminded of Daugherty’s exhortation.

He was kind enough to visit with me as we walked from one campus to the other and also sign a copy of a book that was handed out at the conference. From the brief conversation I had, I was left with the impression that this was no Word-of-Faith charlatan, but a true Pastor at heart who loved Jesus and loved His people. This is no faint praise of finding some lowest common denominator for which to compliment Pastor Daugherty, but my sincere remembrance of a man who showed humility, kindness, and love to some inquiring student. He wasn’t some fake, superficial, anecdotal guy putting on an act, but spoke to me as a fellow brother in Christ. Christ said that one mark by which we will know the children of God is by their love for one another. I am not minimizing the importance of doctrinal fidelity, but rather bringing much needed attention to the need for love.

One such example of Daugherty’s love came in the face of an attack from a person in his Church, who sucker-punched Daugherty during prayer time. You can read about the incident at

Anyhow, my prayers are with the Daugherty family and his Church family and I convey my appreciation for Pastor Daugherty for the lasting impression he left upon me in our brief visit some years ago.


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