Boise State, AP Champions?

Posted: January 5, 2010 by Rick Hogaboam in Sports
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Hey, it has happened before. My beloved USC Trojans were voted AP Champs back in 2004 while LSU was the BCS champs and mandated in the coaches poll to be #1. Essentially they were co-champions. I think that the AP (Associated Press) can not only challenge the current BCS system, but can also be a sympathetic voice on behalf of other teams that they feel worthy to be champions as well.

I don’t expect Boise State to be voted as the AP champs, but I do hope they garnish some votes, thus confirming what we all want…a playoff system.

One last interesting tidbit. If Boise State’s season is viewed in the big picture, they had two victories over BCS conference champions: Oregon and TCU. So if there was a playoff system, depending on what sort, BSU could conceivably be in the semi-final or finals right now.


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