Sick world of ‘abortion’ rights, VA women free to kill their own baby after birth…

Posted: January 15, 2010 by mimi in Abortion, Ethics, Politics, Social Issues

I am utterly appalled and disgusted that any law could protect a woman, under ‘abortion rights’ or ‘reproductive rights’ or whatever you want to call it, that kills her own baby after it’s birthed, alive and well, JUST because it is still ‘technically’ stuck to the woman via umbilical cord and placenta still in tact in the woman.  BUT, if anyone else ‘other than’ the mother were to hurt the baby against the mother’s wishes, then it would be a crime.  So, the woman has the sole permission to murder or not, lawfully protected by government.

Where was main stream media when this happened?   Where was- or IS the outrage?    This is just sickly ridiculous!   How can this happen?  How can law allow this, in plain sight?  This makes me so mad yet so sad.  The day is drawing near folks…


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