Jesus, the Only Hope for Terrorists and International Strife

Posted: January 28, 2010 by Rick Hogaboam in Biography, Christ & Culture, Missional Thought, Politics

This is one point of a sermon I intend to preach on 1/31/10. Here is a link to a wonderful testimony from a Palestinian terrorist turned Christian: link.

  1. Scott Kistler says:

    Thanks for posting that, Rick. That was a great transformation from hatred to love because of Christ. So that outweighs, by far, my following comments, because that kind of reconciliation is exactly what must happen for true peace.

    Two things that I noticed that left something to be desired in the coverage by CBN:
    – Saada probably wasn’t waging “jihad” if he was a fan of Arafat, who was a secular nationalist who had more in common with Ho Chi Minh than Bin Laden. That’s something people often don’t get about Fatah and the PLO: it was a pretty secular movement (they have used the language of jihad before, though), and Hamas arose as an Islamist competitor.

    – It was interesting that the CBN team almost (but not quite explicitly) conflated being a Christian with accepting the Zionist claim that the land belongs to the Jews in perpetuity. Obviously, that goes with CBN’s eschatology, which is fine, but you didn’t get the sense that there was any other possible Christian position, that it would be possible for a Christian Palestinian to love the Jews but still believe that the Palestinians should have a state.

    Anyway, his salvation and transformed life are much more to be celebrated than the incomplete coverage is to be worried about.

  2. Scott, I appreciate you pointing out the differences between Fatah and Obama. There are gradations of hate and ways of accomplishing an agenda.

    I also share your concern about “conflating” Zionist issues. Even so, I posted this because of what you saw: a man filled with hatred now filled with love because of the Gospel working in his heart.

    I amen your last sentence.

  3. Scott Kistler says:

    Thanks again for posting it. It’s great to see his transformation. I agree with you that only that kind of forgiveness has the potential to really heal this situation. If all of the wrongs of the past century and more have to have a strict accounting, the conflict could never be solved.

    I hope that the gospel of Christ will truly transform this conflict. Short of that, I hope for a political solution that will at least allow for the absence of tension and in time a more secure peace. But the first hope would be infinitely better.

  4. […] But perhaps God will use things like this to bring peace in this seemingly unsolvable conflict.  I do ultimately believe that the best solution will come from the peace that the only the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring.  Rick and I discussed this in the comments on a video that he posted on his blog. […]

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