Gotta Love John Piper

Posted: February 16, 2010 by Rick Hogaboam in Ecclesiology (Church Stuff), From the Heart

John Piper shares a journal entry from years ago about contemplating whether he should step aside from ministry. What is shocking is that the reason wasn’t because the Church was dying, but was rather growing. Only a John Piper would look at a growing ambitious Church and pray whether he should remain a part of it.

There is a humbling wisdom to his petitions of years ago. As I approach the completion of my second year of the pastorate here at Sovereign Grace Fellowship of Nampa, I am now finally comfortable with the prospects of a growing Church. I want growth in His timing and according to His will. I want lasting growth in the lives of our people. I have said over and over again that if we don’t grow the right way, I want no part of it. We’re not trying to fill the “theater” and feel happy that our production was a success…we are trying to disciple big-hearted, faith-venturing followers for Christ.

Here is Piper’s article. Thanks Pastor Piper for your honesty, transparency, and humility. Your intended encouragement in sharing this story is received by this young ambitious pastor who always needs to assess whether my ambition is for the glory of God above all things or for feeling good about myself and vindication by a growing Church.


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