Kudos for David Helm’s “The Big Picture Story Bible”, Good Covenental Theology for Children and Parents Alike

Posted: February 16, 2010 by Rick Hogaboam in Book Reviews, Children
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https://i2.wp.com/www.christcommunity.org/Portals/0/suemc/the%20big%20picture%20story%20bible.jpgI just want to thank Pastor David Helm for writing, and Gail Schoonmaker for illustrating this helpful resource that I just recently went through with my children as our evening devotions. Pastor David Helm is pastor of Holy Trinity Church in Chicago and also a member of the Gospel Coalition (of which I am also a member). I must also mention that he is the executive director for the fine organization “The Simeon Trust”, of which I have had the benefit of participating in on my 2009 sabbatical. The theology in this book is sound and follows the meta-narrative of redemptive history throughout the Scriptures. The one reoccurring theme that Helm emphasizes is the idea of God as king and we as His subjects. I appreciate this kingdom strain starting from the garden in Adam and Eve’s refusal to be happy subjects to the final garden where we will eternally rejoice in the presence of our King.

I highly commend this as a resource for parents. You can purchase a copy from Crossway at retail, or find a used copy from $15-17. It will provide many evenings of devotional material. By the way, I did NOT receive a free bok, or any benefits for this blogplug.

P.S. This is a kid-tested review. My kids loved the stories and illustrations (no offense to those who have problems with illustrations). Each evening we read, they didn’t want to quit and always wanted to preview the next chapter. We have gone through quite a few resources and this is by far the best so far on the “kid-tested” scale. Our kids are 16, 5, & 3.


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