Bonhoeffer on the Ministry of Meekness

Posted: March 4, 2010 by Scott Kistler in Biography, Book Reviews

He writes that the confidence that comes through God’s gracious justification allows us to place others above ourselves.  He continues:

One who lives by justification by grace is willing and ready to accept even insults and injuries without protest, taking them from God’s punishing and gracious hand.  It is not a good sign when we can no longer bear to hear this said without immediately retorting that even Paul upon his rights as a Roman citizen, and that Jesus replied to the man who struck, “Why smitest thou me?”  In any case, none of us will really act as Jesus and Paul did if we have not first learned, like them, to keep silent under abuse.  The sin of resentment that flares up so quickly in the fellowship indicates again and again how much false desire for honor, how much unbelief, still smolders in the community.

Source: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together, translated by John W. Doberstein, p. 96.


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