@least 30 Things that you can do while in a recliner chair, recovering from surgery…

Posted: April 1, 2010 by mimi in Discipleship/Sanctification, From the Heart, Suffering, Uncategorized

Since my surgery, not being able to lay down flat on my back or side, I found myself  living out of one of our recliner chairs in the living room corner for the last of almost 4 weeks.  It hasn’t been too bad actually.  I’ve got pillows stuffed all around me, my feet up, a little table next to me with the bare essentials: a water bottle, pain meds, chapstick, vicks rub, tissue, and handy laptop.  My pace has been really slow, and recovery, well, slow.  But I’m thankful for my family’s support and many helpful ways they have made this time a blessing.

So, without further adieu, on to the list (in no particular order)…

  1. pray
  2. sleep
  3. read, read, read
  4. eat/ have snack (kind of nice to be served, but for a wife and mom who’s not used to it, uncomfortable)
  5. give lots of hugs
  6. give kisses
  7. leg lifts
  8. arm raises
  9. sing
  10. blog
  11. facebook
  12. catch up on emails
  13. make those phone calls you’ve been procrastinating and catch up with some ol’ friends
  14. make a list of what you need to do when you’re better
  15. delegate chores, nicely 🙂
  16. daydream
  17. appreciate the help and love you’re getting
  18. count your blessings
  19. write a letter
  20. write out thank you cards (or ecards even)
  21. take a nap (does that count as sleep?) 😉
  22. order take out (but not too much)  😉
  23. text
  24. knitt
  25. crochet
  26. play games online (not condoning gambling though)
  27. expand your vocabulary and explore dictionary.com
  28. watch tv (i didn’t do much of this b/c it gave me a headache after a little while but still an option)
  29. listen to radio, news
  30. renew your mind
  31. homeschool (it’s possible! you likely won’t get everything done, but still could get some. This, I did do.)
  32. play cards with someone (in my case, war w/my 5 yr. old. one of her new fav card games)
  33. shake someone’s hand
  34. chat w/someone
  35. have a heart to heart

I also want to add, these are things to be thankful that you can still do, even though you may feel like a bum and useless during a time or healing.  because after being in a sense, crippled for so long, one may get the feeling of forgetting what it was like to be “normal” again, whatever that may be for each person.  I’m pretty sure there’s more one can do in a recliner chair but these were the spontaneous ones off the top of my head.

I may add to this again, one day.  Stay tuned…

thanks for reading.  =)

  1. Scott Kistler says:

    Great attitude, Mimi. I hope that you recover soon!

  2. Greg Burkheimer says:

    Great post Mimi! Hope we get to see you soon!

  3. mimi says:

    thanks guys =)

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