Bruce Waltke Resigns from RTS over Evolution Controversy

Posted: April 14, 2010 by Rick Hogaboam in Creation/Evolution
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You can find the story here. Dr. Waltke was featured on the BioLogos website with a video affirming evolution as consistent within an inerrant view of  creation. He affirmed the historicity of Adam and Eve as historical beings and suggests that evolution was the means of bringing them about.

Following the dismissal of Peter Enns from Westminster, and now the resignation of Bruce Waltke from RTS, it is fairly clear that these confessional institutions have decided that these views are inconsistent with their confessions. I am just wondering where things go from here.

  1. Matt Masiewicz says:

    Well, it’s kind of hard to have evolution (survival of the fittest) going on before Adam when death entered creation because of Adam. It seems to me that someone who holds to theistic evolution has to either surrender inerrancy, evolution, or original sin. I hope these men come to their sense. Props to the seminaries for holding to their standards.

    • The view that death in general came into creation after Adam is a misinterpretation of Paul’s statement. Paul was talking about human death in Adam, and redemption in Christ. If there was no animal death before the fall, then the command to not eat of the fruit or they will die, means nothing. without death before the fall How can Adam even know what God was talking about, and moreover, fear the consequences. Without animal death before the fall, God’s statement on the consequences for sin, it’s empty without any meaning to Adam.
      Having said that, I still don’t agreed with Natural Evolution because any process that removes God from the picture, and humans as special creation, it runs counter to biblical evidence.
      I don’t know which view Dr. Waltke holds they are few to choose from:
      Deistic evolution
      Theistic Evolution
      Naturalistic Evolution
      Progressive creation
      Young earth creation
      So it is hard to discern. Some of this view have very valid biblical basis, some do not.

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