Phony Pro-Lifers…there’s more than you think

Posted: June 15, 2010 by Rick Hogaboam in Abortion, Politics
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Florida Governor and Independent Senatorial candidate Charlie Crist was once “pro-life” and featured such a commitment on his website…that was when he was a pronounced Republican. Now that he is an independent, we see his true colors as he has vetoed Pro-life legislation. See article here.

He is either pandering to fiscally conservative Democrats, conceding that the social conservatives are already committed to Rubio OR Crist was never really pro-life. It looks to me like it is both: political expediency and not being pro-life. Makes me wonder, how many more “pro-life” politicians really aren’t pro-life and are simply pandering to the Evangelical wing? Sadly, I don’t think Crist is alone.


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