Trip Lee “Between Two Worlds” Review

Posted: June 17, 2010 by Rick Hogaboam in Holy Hip Hop, Music Reviews
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I just received Trip Lee’s new album “Between Two Worlds” and offer some thoughts. First of all, Trip Lee is one of my favorite lyricists in the hip hop realm and he matches that with his unique delivery of smooth flowing rhymes that come off as if he is not even trying. Anyhow, here is a recap on some of the tracks from the album:

No Worries- Southern beats, smooth lyrics

Covenant Eyes feat. Pro – This song is about what we set our eyes on. Mentions the deadly effects of lust and how we need to make a covenant not to lust after others. Pro balances Trip Lee’s smooth delivery with a strong  rugged sound.

Life 100 w/ Chris Lee – a nice R&B beat with hooks from Chris Lee

Yours to Own w/ Jimmy Needham – a nice Jazzy tune with guitar and piano

Bear with You w/ Tedashii – some of my favorite beats, features a futuristic robotic sound. Tedashii offers a high energy passionate sound to complement the smooth Trip Lee

My favorite song!!! “The Invasion (Hero) ft Jai” – well, you will just need to listen to it yourself. Jai’s hooks sound a lot like Alicia Keys, but better. Actually, I included a youtube clip at the end of this post. Here are the lyrics:
Creation’s groaning, lost their hope and feel they always closed in Lots to cope with, on the ropes, wish they was in the open This broken world is so dim, our souls are searching, groping For one with hope to hold us close, and set goodness in motion I remember growing up in Dallas, I thought me and my close kin Was more than straight, our folks was great ,not broke that paper flowed in Not boasting man, just saying in my brain I didn’t know then That all went wrong, and it just can’t go right like a broke pen My mind was blind and cloaked in, but then that foolishness departed I saw this thing’s an ocean, and we just tryna swim real far but But can’t nobody float when we ain’t got boats or no fins We need a hero to go in, cause our solutions don’t win Education can’t fix it, more dough just leads to more sin Medicine is temporary, government seems so thin With all these weighty problems, that ain’t shrinking they just growing Who’s adequate to save us, how about He knew no sin?


Like a G5 yeah you rushed to rescue me Took a cross in exchange for a throne to save me You began the work and I know you’ll finish And make all things right when you come back Cause you’re my hero, you already saved the day Cause you’re my hero, and I know you’re coming back for me

Verse 2:

Follow the steps bro, Adam sinned now we all dead so We gotta sentence on our head like death row, everything is wrecked All creation is a mess bro, In the fullness of time, in steps the hero no red cloak, He’s Jesus No flashing lights, glitz n glam, and no cameras He came to serve needy folks, and point them to the answer You see Him healing, feeding folks, and telling them the standard Our most basic need is to be ransomed by Jesus It has first place, yeah we separated in the worst ways Even physically peep how the earth quakes Separated socially, murder and the worst rapes Even separated from ourselves, we in the worst state It’s so major, that’s the reason that we need a Savior Cause the root of needs is separation from Creator Jesus came humbly to restore us to our maker And later He’ll restore all that He made bruh, He’s Jesus

Verse 3:

God is not pleased man, it’s clear that His standards missed The world is running rampant with, sin it’s an abandonment Man is feeling stranded, feeling hopeless since his banishment God is angry at the distortion and the mismanagement Evil is at work, but don’t be thinking He can’t handle it He promised He would do away with all of it, dismantle it He’s put up with this damage in His world, but He’s promised us That He’ll destroy all His enemies and then He’ll walk with us New Heaven, new Earth that’s where all His sheep dwell Cause Jesus succeeded in every part of life that we failed Died the death we couldn’t die, paid our price with 3 nails Began the work He promised, in the end we all will be well Already beat our enemies and when His Kingdom’s realized All those who oppose Him will see Jesus with some real eyes Deliverance is offered us, the hero He is urging us Salvation is exclusive to His people who have turned to trust.

(Jai): I give my gratitude (Jesus), you died to make all things new yeah, my knight in armor when our world is falling, your love never failing.

Interested in the album? You can listen to samples and purchase at:

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