Rick Hogaboam’s Review of “To Change the World” (Essay 2, Chp. 1 “The Problem of Power”)

Posted: June 30, 2010 by Rick Hogaboam in Biography, Book Reviews
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Essay 2, Chp. 1 “The Problem of Power”

Hunter sees the Creation Mandate as a source of both glory and shame. Since we reflect God’s image, we are enabled to reflect His image through acts of love and innovative labor for the sake of neighbor. At the same time, because of our fall, we are also able to steer this ingenuity for self-gain, thus abusing creation to achieve our ends.

Hunter proposes that what matters is how power is defined and valued in the community. As such, Hunter suggests that the Church’s notion of power and how to yield it has been faulty and needs to be reworked. That is what he intends to discuss in more detail in the following chapters.

If we think of ourselves as stewards, then we must define our engagement by the One who has entrusted us with vocation. It is important that we remain self-critical and always examine our aspirations and whether they reflect the Creator or fallen worldly notions of power. It will make a big difference in how we view the task of the Church in the world. I am ready for the assessment that Hunter will provoke in the following chapters.


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