Scott Kistler’s Review of “To Change the World” (Essay 2, Chp. 1 “The Problem of Power”)

Posted: June 30, 2010 by Scott Kistler in Biography, Book Reviews

This chapter is just a couple of pages.  Hunter is now going to move into the question of how Christians think about power.  Rather than figuring out how to gain power on our society’s terms, he says, we need to define power properly, which is a precondition for having a healthy Christianity and a healthy influence on the culture.

One term that Hunter uses both in the title of his book and in this chapter (and other places, too, I think) is “the late modern world.”  It’s an interesting term, suggesting that we’re reaching the end of the modern paradigm.  I guess that when a major school of thought is called “postmodernism” and we’ve seen the century-long erosion of the certainties that governed the “modern” view of the world in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, we might conclude that there’s something to this view.  I wonder if Hunter would see the church’s “faithful presence” as a way of positioning itself to exercise the right kind of cultural influence in the transition to the next age.

What comes next is an interesting thought, but of course we won’t know until we (or our descendants) are there.


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