Ouch…Greg Laurie calls Christians “uptight, offensive, lame, inept” Regarding Evangelism

Posted: July 7, 2010 by Rick Hogaboam in Evangelism, The Mysterious World of American Evangelicalism
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Greg Laurie comments:

“If there’s one thing that Christians and non-Christians have in common, it’s this: We’re both uptight about evangelism…far too many Christians today are unnecessarily offensive, hopelessly lame, and generally inept at communicating…we’re just no good at evangelism.”

Makes me wonder, “Can we rightly call ourselves Evangelicals if we don’t evangelize?”

  1. Matt Masiewicz says:

    I agree to a degree. Many Christians leave the proclamation to trained pastors or are content to simply point people to a helpful resource when necessary to fulfill their commission. Most of our problem has to do with lack of desire for the task. Evangelism is work. But it is joyful work when you have taken the time to prepare yourself with God’s good news. I have high respect for brother Greg, he led me to Christ.


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