Kevin De Young’s Suggestions for Transformation in the Church…easier than you thought, but probably too demanding for you to actually do (please prove me wrong!!!)

Posted: August 13, 2010 by Rick Hogaboam in Discipleship/Sanctification, Ecclesiology (Church Stuff), Missional Thought, Theology

C.J. Mahaney blogged a recap of Kevin De Young’s recent conference message on the Church. Here is the blog and here is the audio link. Here are some of the things that De Young suggests you do:

• Find a good local church.
• Get involved.
• Become a member.
• Stay there as long as you can.
• Put away thoughts of a revolution for a while.
• Join the plodding visionaries.
• Go to church this Sunday and worship in Spirit and truth.
• Be patient with your leaders.
• Rejoice when the gospel is faithfully proclaimed.
• Bear with those who hurt you.
• Give people the benefit of the doubt.
• Say “hi” to the teenager that no one notices.
• Welcome the old ladies with the blue hair and the young men with tattoos.
• Volunteer for the nursery.
• Attend the congregational meeting.
• Bring your fried chicken to the potluck like everybody else.
• Invite a friend.
• Take a new couple out for coffee.
• Give to the Christmas offering.
• Sing like you mean it.
• Be thankful someone vacuumed the carpet for you.
• Enjoy the Sundays that “click.”
• Pray extra hard on the Sundays that don’t.
• And in all of this, do not despise the days and weeks and years of small things (Zechariah 4:8–10).

  1. Ken Sarber says:

    Wow! That is so simple. In fact, that’s why it might be difficult because it’s so simple! My fiancee and I are in a church transition now because the church we’ve been going to, except for the young adult ministry, has been diving into a lot of Word of Faith type teachings with the emphasis on filling the pews. This is awesome Biblical advice for us when God plants us and every day. Praise the Lord!

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