Cody Turns 17!

Posted: September 27, 2010 by mimi in Children, Family

My son has come to his 17th year of life.  As a down syndrome person can have so many health complications, I praise the Lord for keeping him relatively healthy & well for these swift 17 years.

Cody is a loving young man (though I remind him he’s still my child :) .  He loves to share his love with others.  He loves to share Jesus with others.  He gives & will receive many hugs.  He values friends.  He anticipates church.  He craves worship.  He greatly enjoys music.  He is growing in knowledge and instruction.  He is a fighter.  He is gifted with a love for people.

I pray that he will continue steadfast in his pursuit of Christ, as he seeks God’s leading and will for his life.  Please pray for me, if you should feel so inclined, as we embark on his last ‘official’ year as a minor.  We must make some serious decisions for his future in this year as we prepare for life after 18.  I pray for wisdom, grace, & knowledge in how to guard  & lead him to becoming a godly man of honor.  You may pray for these things of me as well.  I have seen great fruit in his life.  And may God’s grace pour out richly on his heart that he may find satisfaction in any endeavor the Lord shall lead him to.  Thank you.

  1. Scott Kistler says:

    Happy belated birthday, Cody!

    This was exciting to read. I hope that this will be a great year for him and the whole family.

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