Sweet Moments

Posted: September 27, 2010 by mimi in Children, Family, Homeschool

Sometimes I wish I could snap my finger and have life recorded on video automatically to capture all the precious moments in life, one of which I just missed.

My 2 girls are playing with play dough.  Kira (6) loves to pretend she’s the host of a food show when she plays with dough.  Here was her recent blurb:

“My name is Kira. Welcome to the food channel. I love to help my mother and father. I am a Christian so I like to do Christian things.   Well, we’ll be right back after the commercial break.”

I don’t feed her these things verbatim, though I have to admit to having taught her these truths and values.  Some may think I’m indoctrinating her (& all my children) into falsehood.  Woe is them who doubt the truth of the gospel of Christ and the reality of an Almighty God.

As I sit here, I listen to their precious exchange of words as they play together in (fairly) sweet harmony (albeit in brief spurts).  How it touches my heart when I see God bless the fruit of our labors.  Be diligent in teaching, labor hard & cheerfully, as unto the Lord.


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