James Davison Hunter says that, “…Christianity in North America…is a weak culture; weak insofar as it is fragmented in it’s core beliefs and organization, without a coherent collective identity and mission, and often divided within itself, often with unabated hostility.”

My question: “what’s the solution?”

  1. joelmartin says:

    Local churches working together across denominational lines seems like the only valid first step IMO.

  2. Scott Kistler says:

    Yeah, I think that’s the first step, working together in a framework of Protestant orthodoxy that would draw allow for faithful members of the Lutheran, Reformed, Anabaptist, and Arminian streams of Protestantism to work together. Perhaps some of the institutions that would form a stronger culture (Christian education in the form of catechesis and “academics”, church discipline, etc.) could be strengthened by this.

    On my blog (also posted here), I tried to lay out a framework for how it could work. A Catholic reader had some interesting points about how Protestant disagreements on marriage and divorce could weaken the project. I don’t know if he’s right, but I found his points thought-provoking anyway: http://temporachristiana.wordpress.com/2010/10/17/adventures-in-christian-unity/.

  3. Good thoughts guys!!! This is why I just had lunch yesterday with a URC and PCA pastor, why I will be meeting tomorrow with my Foursquare pastor friend, why I am very good friends with the local Anglican rector, am friends with a local Bible Church pastor, and also stay in touch with the local CREC pastor. At the very least, likeminded clergy need to be on good terms with one another as we seek to minister side by side within the same community.

    • Scott Kistler says:

      Seems like a good beginning. Do you think that there is a possibility of more growing out of it? If so, what would your ideal be?

      There were some rumblings about more unity in Kankakee, but so far they have remained rumblings.

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