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If you aren’t sure if a pair of pants or shorts is tight, or possibly even too tight, here are a few tests to as measure:

1. If you are constantly pulling them out of your crotch

2. If you can see your underwear/panty

3. If you can see parts of your gluteus maximus (butt)

The same would go for skirts/dresses.

My how we have lost the purity and sanctity of our sexuality.  As the days grow older, the trend of “more” is better seems to grow- more skin and bodily parts, that is.  From the dawn of time, women have this need to feel, well, needed.  It’s quite natural, and unfortunately a curse of human kind.  Women tend to look for gratification, satisfaction in their worth through use of their bodies.  I’m not totally against having a sense of ‘style’.  After all, even the early pilgrims and prairie girls think their style is good (which I am increasingly likening).

Finding modesty in the world is one thing, but it’s sad that it’s sometimes hard press to find modest feminism in the church.  By modest feminism, I mean feminine (appealing women’s apparel) that is attractive yet modest in expression of such.  The world has abused and misused (as is what it does) the word feminine/feminism.  It has turned what is meant to be good and perverted it.  No surprise.

As for a woman of godly character, to these guidelines should she aspire:

1Tim2:9 likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, 10 but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works.

So what if the world thinks you’re weird?  You’re to be set apart- different.  For where is your treasure?  In the world’s acceptance?   So shall a woman not think herself ugly or unacceptable if she fails to show cleavage or wear lowriders so that her belly may show and “appeal” to coolness.  Do you contemplate how to “strut your stuff”?  It shows our vanity, our insecurity, our great selfish need of attention. “Look at me, look at me” says the self-centeredness of me.  This is not the mind of the godly.  Those parts, though beautiful, are reserved- if single, for your marriage; if married, for your husband.  Now I know that some would say “that’s the old way of thinking”, “that’s so traditional”.  So is 1Tim2:9 irrelevant for today?  I think not.  Only if you desire to satisfy your own ways, tread with care.  Will you cause another to stumble for the sake of your liberty?  May it not be.  For you are to put others before self.  We were created as sexual beings but also to use self-control.  Our sexuality is sacred and is not to be used in a debased way.  As a believer, we are to use them to the glory of God.  (1Cor6) Your body is a temple for God’s use.  Just because we were created as sexual creatures does not mean that we have liberty to do what we will, that is, IF we are seeking the will and honor of our Christ.  I pray that we women would be aware how we should take care in how we present ourselves in public, for our lives are not just about us, but first about God, then others.  For it is said, “Love God first, then love your neighbor”.  (Matt22:37)  It is not said, “put yourself first, then think of your neighbor”.  It’s a tough balance of understanding and loving.  I know, this is radical.  Somehow, God’s word is, well, radical.  Are we loving our brothers and honoring our sisters by how we dress and adorn ourselves?   By loving our brothers, I mean, causing unnecessary offense or stumbling.  Your breasts are precious and sacred for a greater purpose than to expose them for sake of “style”.  Private parts are named that for a reason. There’s a reason the bible speaks to lust and sexual immorality and fleeing from it!  It’s still relevant for today!  Our bodies have special purposes.  And in ‘honoring our sisters’, I mean are we considering their husbands consciences, protecting their minds & their eyes.  Are we considering their brothers, their fathers, their sons?  As I begin to deal with a teenage son and the world of lust and desires of a man’s heart, I am more and more sensitive to these issues.  I pray the church, at the least, would humble themselves in this issue, and consider the brother and sister, and love them in how they use their bodies.  May we women use our bodies to the glory of Christ, in good works, in modesty, not flashing body parts unnecessarily and inappropriately.

Cody Turns 17!

Posted: September 27, 2010 by mimi in Children, Family

My son has come to his 17th year of life.  As a down syndrome person can have so many health complications, I praise the Lord for keeping him relatively healthy & well for these swift 17 years.

Cody is a loving young man (though I remind him he’s still my child :) .  He loves to share his love with others.  He loves to share Jesus with others.  He gives & will receive many hugs.  He values friends.  He anticipates church.  He craves worship.  He greatly enjoys music.  He is growing in knowledge and instruction.  He is a fighter.  He is gifted with a love for people.

I pray that he will continue steadfast in his pursuit of Christ, as he seeks God’s leading and will for his life.  Please pray for me, if you should feel so inclined, as we embark on his last ‘official’ year as a minor.  We must make some serious decisions for his future in this year as we prepare for life after 18.  I pray for wisdom, grace, & knowledge in how to guard  & lead him to becoming a godly man of honor.  You may pray for these things of me as well.  I have seen great fruit in his life.  And may God’s grace pour out richly on his heart that he may find satisfaction in any endeavor the Lord shall lead him to.  Thank you.

You know when you get a song stuck in your head and it’s all you can sing for days, maybe even weeks on end?  My 4 yr. old Lexi has had “I want to Know You, In the Secret” by Sonicflood stuck in her head for weeks now, it has become her default song.  I guess if there was any song to get stuck in her head, it’s a good one to dwell on.

The Lyrics:

In the secret, in the quiet place

In the stillness you are there

In the secret, in the quiet hour I wait

Only for you

Cause I want to know you more!

(chorus)  I want to know You, I want to hear Your face.  I want to know you more.  I want to touch You. I want to see Your face.  I want to know you more.  (Then she says: “one more!” and repeats. How sweet the sound of a little worshiping voice.)

Kira’s been singing “I am not skilled to understand, what God has willed what God has planned. I only know at His right hand, stands one who is my Savior. … My Savior loves, my Savior lives, my Savior’s always there for me.  My God He was, my God He is, my God He’s always gonna be…”   (My Savior, My God by Aaron Shust)

And Cody (16) soaks himself in Christian rap namely “holy hip hop”, thanks to my husband’s keen eye for music.  Cody loves to just recreate in his room, listening to his music.

These are the normal songs sung in our home.  Quality, godly lyrics are a great reminder of why we sing, why we breathe- namely to bring God glory.  As Christians, we should not cease to “want to know” Him more.  I pray for all my children that their light would never grow dim, that their burning to “know” and “love” God never ceases, just as relentless as the songs that get stuck in our heads haunt us (sometimes for the good).  Oh that we would cling on for dear life, as that is exactly what’s at stake.   His mercy endures forever.

Sweet Moments

Posted: September 27, 2010 by mimi in Children, Family, Homeschool

Sometimes I wish I could snap my finger and have life recorded on video automatically to capture all the precious moments in life, one of which I just missed.

My 2 girls are playing with play dough.  Kira (6) loves to pretend she’s the host of a food show when she plays with dough.  Here was her recent blurb:

“My name is Kira. Welcome to the food channel. I love to help my mother and father. I am a Christian so I like to do Christian things.   Well, we’ll be right back after the commercial break.”

I don’t feed her these things verbatim, though I have to admit to having taught her these truths and values.  Some may think I’m indoctrinating her (& all my children) into falsehood.  Woe is them who doubt the truth of the gospel of Christ and the reality of an Almighty God.

As I sit here, I listen to their precious exchange of words as they play together in (fairly) sweet harmony (albeit in brief spurts).  How it touches my heart when I see God bless the fruit of our labors.  Be diligent in teaching, labor hard & cheerfully, as unto the Lord.

 Having lived in Idaho for a little over 2 years now, we have yet to see much outside Nampa & Boise.  It’s on the list of things to do.  So, spur of the moment Monday, we decided to take a trek up to Idaho City.  Once passing the city limits of Boise, the drive up was very enjoyable, pretty with lush greenery and the river and streams added to its beauty.  As much as I could enjoy the ride, I still was recovering from a sinus infection/cold so the plugging and pressure on my ears & sinus headache.  That, I could not escape.

After checking out 2 other restaurants in the maybe 1 mile town strip, we ended up eating at a little quaint store/eatery, strangely the cleanest feeling, brightest (lighting wise), and cheapest (but good food) place we looked at.  And maybe it was just me but I felt like everyone looked at us a little weird, as if Asians don’t frequent there (not a surprise).  It was a hot day (but could have been worse) and we took the walk around the streets to find much of everything was closed and/or for sale.  My business minded side tends to look at situations like this and begins to imagine ways in which to revive such a cool place.  I have learned that many times, in places like these, though the town is dying and businesses are rare, the people don’t want it to grow much more than it originally was.  I’m not sure nor saying that this is the same case.  But how I’d love to revive a place like that into an even greater place to visit.  Idaho City is practically a ghost town but a quaint and cool historic experience.

Well, as we wandered, of course I took some pictures.  In an effort to ‘revive’ our own visit, here are clips from our day.

juvenile delinquent! we ended up taking him home with us.

busted!  we paid his bail.

isn’t she the cutest little criminal?

sweet jail-bird

Our girls love to put on a show.  I’m working on posting it.  No success yet.  Stay tuned…

My husband and I watched “The Blind Side” the last week and these are just some of my thoughts of the movie being based on a true story.  This is definitely a touching story, one of the generosity of a woman, namely (mostly) Mrs. Leigh Ann Tuohy (pronounced too-ee) and her family.  Though I wonder how much it accurately portrays Leigh Ann, who comes across as an independent, controlling, steamroller-I-will-it-it-done attitude.  While I do commend her matter-of-fact-take-charge and care of the situation posture, (I myself am a lot like that, but learning how to not be so overwhelmingly controlling though), I hesitate to commend her seeming disregard and totally brash strategies.  She was portrayed as having a hard exterior but having a soft heart.  She’s afraid of showing the “softer side” of her emotions, like crying or sadness,  which is true to some extent for many, if not all, of us- namely called pride.  She’s a strong, independent working woman who manages her home with great vigor.  She didn’t stand for nonsense (which I respect) but was also rude and obnoxious (which I don’t get away with much).  I must admit, I was cheering her on when she gave her lunch friends a what for when they were criticizing and down-playing the care and concern she had for Michael Oher’s well-being.

I was also not crazy about the way in which she was portrayed in her attire- sleek, tight and revealing clothing.  She seemingly was high maintenance in her appearance to which I’m sure her job played a big role.  She came off to me as the one who “runs the show”, while her husband sits idly for at her beck and call.  I have had some reflections on this myself as I seek to understand and honor God in how I balance the character of a Proverbs 31 woman yet submissive and honoring of my husbands role as head of our home, thus me as well.  I struggle with knowing how much to put forth without overstepping my bounds as a wife.  As I tend to be a lot like Mrs. Tuohy, much more so before I married, and as I continue to grow in my understanding and love for Christ and respect for the order in which God has created, I must learn the great balance of the Proverbs 31 woman I desire to be and the wife I am to my husband as well.  Great challenges for me indeed.  (more…)

“Who Can Change the Leopard’s Spots?” – Phillip W. Mansfield.

I enjoyed this read. Thought you might too.

What a mighty God we serve…