What is the Endued Blog About?

Great question you ask…or I presume you to ask.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word “endued” as follows:

en•due \in-ˈdü, -ˈdyü, en-\ or in•due \in-\ vt
en•dued or in•dued; en•du•ing or in•du•ing [ME, fr. AF enduire to introduce, imbue, fr. L inducere — more at induce] 15c
1           provide, endow endued with the rights of a citizen
2           imbue, transfuse a mummy again endued with animation —Mary W. Shelley
3           ME induen; influenced by L induere to put on put on, don
Now what does this definition have to do about a blog about God and culture? Everything.
In order for us to be “witnesses” to God and rightly delcare Him to all peoples, we need to be “endued”, provided with something. That provision came on Pentecost as Jesus directed His disciples as follows:

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”” (Acts 1:8, ESV) 
We have been endowed with the Holy Spirit in a vocational sense, much like the prophets, priests, and kings were in the Old Covenant. Jesus was certainly endowed as He filled all 3 offices, and didn’t commence His ministry until He received the Holy Spirit in an empowering fashion. He was conceived in the Spirit, but the Spirit’s descent at His baptism was the highest form of anointing He could possibly receive for the ministry He came to conduct and accomplish on our behalf. In an analogous fashion, Jesus pours forth the Spirit upon us so that we can carry out our vocational role as prophets, priests, and kings…all as a means to being a “witness” to those around us.
This blog is about:
  • being a “witness” to God as He is revealed in Scripture and contend for theological truths that are edifying to the believer
  • being faithful members of local churches that rightly preach the Word of God and administer the Sacraments
  • being a witness to Him as He is found in the arts of cinema, music, and literature, and to declare how all truth, all things praiseworthy, all redemptive themes, and all longings of the human soul point to our Transcendent Creator, Savior, and bestower of true joy
  • being a witness to God’s providence in human history and learning the lessons that would better inform our engagement of the future
  • being a prophetic outcast and sojourner in this world in the contention for transcendent truth and heralds of the dead, buried, and resurrected Lord, who is the only hope unto salvation, but a stumbling block and foolishness for many
  • being a responsible citizen of this earthly kingdom and working alongside others in carrying out the mandate to govern and steward our homes, communities, states, country, culture, and all resources proceeding from such for God’s glory and the general equity of all

Hope that explains the vision of this blog and that it might be helpful in your own vocation as an “endued” witness to the Triune God in all things. Enjoy!!!

  1. Ken Sarber says:

    Thank you, brother Rick, and all those involved with Endued. God is using this blog for my encouragement, conviction, and sanctification. God bless everyone involved with Endued and keep standing for truth.

  2. Rosalind Spratt says:

    What do you know of the AEGA?

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