Who is Rick Hogaboam?

Rick Hogaboam serves as the Senior Pastor at Sovereign Grace Fellowship in Nampa, ID (www.sovereigngracefellowship.org). He is married to Mimi, and has  three children (Cody, Kira, & Lexi), who are all the joy of his life. The kids are enrolled in homeschool :), love learning, love to swim, love to sing, love their Church, and love their Lord.

Born and raised predominantly in Torrance, CA, Rick graduated from El Segundo High School and earned a baseball scholarship to Central Christian College of Kansas and studied in their Youth Ministry program. Deciding to give up baseball after his freshman year in order to focus on ministry and Biblical Studies, Rick was accepted into the Pastoral Training program at Calvary Chapel School of Ministry (Costa Mesa), also serving as an intern at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa under Chuck Smith and staff. Rick subsequently enrolled at The King’s University, where he obtained a B.Th., earned Summa Cum Laude  honors, and was inducted into the National Theological Honors Society. Rick was subsequently accepted into The Bethlehem Institue  and given an oppurtunity to minister at  Bethlehem Baptist Church (pastored by John Piper), but instead opted to remain in California, where he served as a College/Youth pastor. Rick has done post-graduate studies at South African Theological Seminary and has earned a Certificate in Christian Studies from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Before accepting a call in May 2008 to serve as Senior Pastor at Sovereign Grace Fellowship, Rick served as an Associate Pastor at Second Reformed Church in Marion, NY from 2005-2008. During his time in upstate New York; daughter Lexi was born (7-12-06), he shoveled lots of snow, fell in love with the Garbage Plate, became a Buffalo Bills and Rochester Red Wings fan, and was overwhelmed by the love of a wonderful Church family. Rick considers his time in New York life-transforming and is indebted to the wonderful example of Pastoral Minsitry exhibited by the Rev. Donald White.

Rick also teaches Bible Doctrine III (Soteriology), Biblical Theology, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Sermon Reflections, Biblical Studies, and Practical Pastoral Ministry at Sovereign Grace Institute. Rick has served as a host for Redemption Radio, which aired on 94.1FM in the Boise region, and also guest-hosts for apologist Matt Slick’s program “Faith and Reason”, which is a part of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM). Rick also serves as the Idaho district leader for the Gospel Coalition.

Rick has ministered within a broad segment of Evangelicalism and has also served in various ministry roles, including: Children, Junior High, High School, College, Young Adult, Assimilation, Christian Education, Assistant Pastor, Lead Pastor. Rick’s community involvement while in ministry has included: Varsity Baseball Coach, Varsity Baseball Pitching Coach, Little League Manager, Challenger League Baseball Coach (Special Needs), Junior High Basketball Coach, Retreat Director, Chapel Speaker, Guest Speaker at Public Schools, Walk for Life, Downs Syndrome Buddy Walk, and more.

  1. Lynne Caputi says:

    I’ve just spent a most enjoyable hour or so reading and following some of your links! It amazes me how little I know about Reformed theology, being a Bible College grad and all! I just got a little education, as well as an introduction to Christian Hedonism. I look forward to visiting again when I have some more time. You have a gift in communicating your beliefs in a cogent yet entertaining way.

    You mentioned Meredith Kline. Have you ever read Chilton on Revelation? He bases alot of his interpretations on Kline’s covenental frameworks. I studied Chilton while preparing to teach Revelation to my SrHigh SS class. While I found his scholarship meritous and his ideas compelling, I just couldn’t sign on to the preterist viewpoint, and I can’t buy into the fact that God is done with Israel. The idea of Revelation as a covenant lawsuit by God against Israel was intriguing.

    I hope I’m not sounding like a know-it-all wannabe or anything. It’s taken me about 20 minutes to compose this comment! I’d be interested in your thoughts. As I said, I plan to come back and bounce among some of your other links at some point. Really good stuff!

    What’s your wife’s name?

  2. rickhogaboam says:

    Hi Lynne, good to hear from you. I was also planning on responding on facebook to your most recent message, but I will tackle them both here. As for my role in the church, I also over see our Christian Education ministry, which includes 7 Sunday School classes. I work with the teachers and also implemented new curriculum when I came 2 years ago. I teach the adult Sunday School class about 75% of the time after teaching High School last year through the book of Romans. I also oversee children’s ministries. We have a Kid’s Church program on Sunday morning and an elementary ministry on Sunday night in addition to our JR/SR high ministry. The Sunday night elementary ministry started last year and has been bringing in kids from the community.

    My wife is Mimi. I have a stepson, Cody, 14, and 2 daughters, Kira, 3, Lexi, 1.

    I have not read Chilton, but I appreciate the fact that you did some research for your Sunday School class. That is commendable, especially for Revelation, where it is easy to just get one commentary and stop there. I beleive that God is still working with Israel, but differently than is understood in dispensational theology.

    Glad you checked the links out. I wouldn’t just throw anything up here. I really respect the men I mentioned. They serve as influential mentors for me through their respective ministries.

    I am glad that Sam and the Estochen family has connected with you guys. I love the Estochens and don’t know what I would do without them. It sounds like you are the same type of folks at your church. I know it is a ways out, but we are having a few brothers lead worship this Sunday night and they are annointed. I am trying to expose our youth to more of a charismatic worship setting but I need to be careful with not dividing my church on the issue. At the same time, I don’t want our kids missing out on the ministry of the Holy Spirit in our gatherings. It sounds like you desire more Spirit-fullness in your church, what led you to become charismatic?

  3. Lynne Caputi says:

    I guess my background can be characterized as charismatic. I was saved in an Italian Pentecostal church and graduated from an Assemblies of God college. While I sometimes miss the more charismatic aspects of pentecostalism, I don’t miss the emotional excesses. I am related to people who put messages in tongues that get interpreted on par with Scripture. It really could make for an interesting study sometime! I’d be interested in hearing your views on eschatology and Israel’s role sometime.

  4. rickhogaboam says:

    You were saved in a Pentecostal Italian church?!?! lol…that’s cool. I am picturing a Pentecostal Corleone family who made you a deal you couldn’t refuse.

    As for emotional excess, I hear you. Emotions are good, and should be incorporated into worship…David danced in skimp garb and threw a party in his worship of God and I have yet to match his “undignified” praise. I do believe there is place for the emotions which may make ourselves uncomfortable at times, however we must be concerned about mutual edification in the assembled gatherings. That was Paul’s whole point in 1 Corinthians.

    Anyhow, as for my views on eschatology, it is a secret. I have unlocked the keys to Revelation and will write a series of books titled, “Spared in Front” to rival “Left Behind”. Still working on the publishing details, but I expect to get filthy rich on the deal.

    Seriously, my eschatology has been shelved until I am retired and can read a book a day for 10 years and gain some understanding on it. The fact is that I really am not concerned with how everything will go down. I do affirm that Jesus will return physically, with a sword out of his mouth no less, destroy the pompous rulers who challenge Him to a bout, in a partial second knockout. He will also bring with Him a happening city that He is building right now as I write. It will replace this cursed earth and we will live happily ever after. In the meantime, the wheat and tares co-exist, rivaling each others kingdoms, but we are promised victory and are to expand His glorious kingdom here on earth right now. Jesus will complete the job Himself at his return, known as the consummation. This is the great hope for every believer and I look forward to it. I think everything I said is the heart of the matter and leaves us yearning for His return and yet yearning for power now in the expansion of His kingdom in and through us.

  5. Brad Rhoads says:

    Hi Rick,

    I’m a new missionary with Mission Aviation Fellowship, Learning Technologies. MAF-LT is about providing distance theological education to the 3 million pastors in the developing world. We’re hoping to move to Nampa in November. When we actually make it depends on when we have all our support raised.

    I got about 1/2 done with an MA at Moody when I got stalled out due to medical bills. I’m wonder what you think about South Africa Theological Seminary. Working in the area of distance ed myself and the relatively low cost, this looks really interesting to me.

    God’s Love,


  6. Brad…the Lord bless you in your service with Mission Aviation Fellowship. I have gotten to know some wonderful folks who are involved in this ministry.

    I am sorry to hear about your medical bills…hope you are doing well now. I also hope you are able to finish up with your education through Moody. They have long trained many servants for ministry.

    As for South Africa Theological Seminary, I have thus far enjoyed and been challenged by my interaction with my academic advisor. Success in such a program is largely dependant upon personal discipline and consistency. I would highly recommend it for those who have already done coursework and are really looking to complete a thesis in a particular area of interest.

    When you land in Nampa in November, I would love to meet you. Drop me a note if interested. May the Lord Bless you!!!

  7. Just found your blog, looks interesting – the short conversation with Keener was interesting. Blessings! -Brian

  8. Don DiCrasto says:

    Hey Man,
    I miss the lunches, ping pong and theology discussions.
    Keep up the good work!


  9. R4NDY says:

    Hi Rick, I just wanted to wish you all the best. I am a “prodigal son” of sorts and your blog and your fellow bloggers have helped me to re-open my heart. I just wanted to thank you for that. Best wishes!

    • Praise God for His wonderful enduring grace and mercy to us that we can return to Him in spite of what we have done. I pray God’s continued blessings on you Randy. Where are you located? Church?

  10. enemoi says:

    Hey Rick,
    I am a retired minister living in Boise, ID. I found your blog today, and am enjoying the reading.

    • Great hearing from you. It looks as though you might be the same person who commented on the Piper blogpost. I would love to meet up for coffee sometime. Shoot me an email.

      • enemoi says:

        Yes. Sorry for the two identities; really new at this. I too would love to meet for coffee sometime. My email address is in my reply on the Piper post.

  11. Ken Sarber says:

    Hi, Rick. What do you think of John Piper’s decision to invite Rick Warren to the Desiring God conference? I know he’s been getting a lot of harsh criticism from other Christians. Do you think is doing right by the Word of God inviting Rick Warren to his conference?

    • It is not a worship service and instead a voluntary gathering. Piper’s decision to invite the great pragmatist, Rick Warren, to address pastors on thinking purposefully about Church will be interesting. I am interested in what Warren will say and what the response will be.

  12. […] Vocation Interview features local Nampa pastor Sharad Yadav. I met Sharad through my friends Pastor Rick and Eric. The first time we hung out he was wearing a Radiohead shirt and we were chowing down on […]

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